new guy with a wc1 whizzer

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gators3079, Aug 10, 2009.

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    hey everyone, i'm Randy and i'm from Florida. i found this site on accident but i live the insight. I have a wc1 whizzer (don't know what year ) and I love it,although it lacks the speed i would like.I heard it's popular and i'm glad i have one to own.I heard there is a way to get more speed out of the one i have but i don't know how to go by doing if anyone can help i would like that alot.

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    Hi Randy and welcome to the forum and Whizzer family.
    Many of the questions you have are answered in the Whizzer forum. The WC-1 has an inherent problem when modified. It WILL swallow a valve seat if overheated. Modifying a WC-1 will cause too much heat and it will surely self destruct. We have ways around this. It takes changing the cylinder and head to the NE5 model. Read some of the threads and you will get information overload. lol
    Have fun and enjoy the ride.