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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Swim100flyy, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Normally, I don't do the 'freshman' posts as I'm normally quite familiar with the topics I discuss on forums, but in this case, seeing as how I really am a newbie to motored bicycles, I figured I would follow the forum guidelines and post here first.

    I've been watching this site for quite some time, and only now have I become serious in purchasing a kit for a motored bike. The one in particular is the RAW 50/80cc kit from for about $150. Anyone have one of these? Is there a noticible difference between the power outputs of the two motors? How reliable are these chinese engines? I'm currently a student at the University of Minnesota, so it tends to get quite cold up here. Should I expect the motor to start even when its -12 degrees outside?



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    Welcome to the forum. I haven't heard of any cold weather starting problems. I was pulling for the Golden Gophers when I attended the Bowl in Tempe on New Years Eve. Cheers
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    Welcome to MBc! I don't have any experience with the larger engine as my 2-cycle engines are both 48cc. I have heard that there isn't as much of a gain in speed as there is in the torque. This makes the larger engine better for hilly areas.