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    im a 30yrs old and married, i have 3 sons, oldest one is 9 and the youngest is 6 months.Ive had alot of expensive motored toys thats came and gone(dirtbikes,atvs,go-carts,etc.).Now in my spare time i find my self in the garage trying to mount a engine to my bicycle or laying in bed at night thinking how it should be set up.I know i should just buy the kit and be done,but I dont ever have enough extra cash,so here I am.Ive got some old gocart parts and things.5HP BRIGGS that runs great,ive seen its not to popular in this application but thats what i got. I also have a centrifical clutch with 12 teeth and rear sprocket of 60 teet #35 chain. Ive elected for a rack mount set up on my 26in mt. bike.I been working on a rubber hub to mount my sprocket to on the rear wheel.every thing is complete and on the bike but I havent tryed it out im scared it wont work because of what ive been seeing about the gear ratio.

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    search ( a couple of briggs style bikes )
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    Welcome aboard.

    But if everything is complete and on the bike, then I don't think you have any choice but to try it.

    If this gear ratio won't do it, then hopefully you can make some changes. and if not, it's better to know.

    good luck.
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    What is the name of that thin steel/mostly 90 degree angled/pre-drilled stuff, like we used to get in the Erecter Sets as kids? Where you can simply bolt into the holes?

    Anyway, a local guy built a rack out of that stuff, similar height to a regular rear rack, mounted a 2 cycle with chain on sprocket.

    I met him in his first test ride, never found out where he lived, & have not seen him since, but it looked like that steel was his only purchase. I told him to change out his rear wheel if he had problems, I'd give him an older rusted steel one if he came by.
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    I have a 3hp, chain, 60tooth sprocket, and clutch and was going to do the same thing, ended up donating plasma to buy a cheap kit off ebay. Here's what I found for briggs bikes on here and the net.