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    basicaly I jambed a lawn mower engine onto a stingray bicycle back in the early seventies, had a boatload of fun. Spent the next forty years doing serious important stuff. I have a nice house fancy car Giant motorcycle and lots of other junk. When I finished my MB I was almost amazed when it started and took off . I yelled wheee at the top of my lungs I don't do that sort of thing. When I pulled into the driveway my heart was racing and for some reason there were tears in my eyes. I like Wheee. I want more Wheee in my life. L.F.

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    There is a big difference, satisfaction-wise, in just "buying stuff" and "building stuff".

    Too many times, the luster wears off on a tool, appliance or vehicle, you worry, worry worry about getting the first dent, then after it happens, that defect just bugs you every time you see it.

    BUT this hobby brings back memories of customizing your first two wheeler stingray, back when you were maybe 10 years old. A scratch is no big deal.

    As you are working on the bike you are thinking about banana seats, popping wheelies, clipping baseball cards in the spokes. Cars on the road look cookie-cutter the same nowadays, while no two MB's can be exactly alike.

    I think the best part, as you are tooling around at 20-30 mph, is knowing that you are seeing 10 times as much detail as any other observer.

    Walking, regular pedaling or driving a car, there is no way for them to experience as many comparisons and contrasts as you.
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    Thanks Bama,
    You hit the nail on the head. I started out working on a bike and ended up working on my life. Changed out a shower head today and just before I threw out the old one it occured to me, this could be a wild headlight with a few modifications. Ride on LF.
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    Your assesment of the past few decades is right on the money. You and Bamabikeguy nailed it. I am also new to this gig, and had memories of some of the older guys in my neighborhood putting motors on their bicycles back in the 50's. Or the mid 1900's if you like. Started looking on the internet last fall. My wife ordered a bike kit and motor. I found this site around the first of the year and have been reading nearly daily eversince. I am fairly mechanical and worked at making and repairing things most of my life, but when this thing fired right up the first time I was still suprised. One of the neighbors heard me holler as it came to life, but I can't print it here. It might seem a bit juvenile to some, but I haven't had this much fun in quite a while. Have a good one!
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    I Know the feeling. I posted after I made my first ride to be honest I felt alittle foolish. Now that I've "calmed down" I have to admit it's still pretty exciting.
    To be honest there is nothing juvenile about having fun. I rode to the only store in town today. As usual there were a bunch of teens hanging out doing nothing (I envy that) One of them them asked where did you buy that? and the the dialog was on, buy it *ell I built it. Nice kids after all.
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    I went to a Low-rider car show down the street in a parking lot..
    It was cool they had a couple of Low-Rider bikes ( custom made)
    I Was thinking how cool they would be with a engine as they were all just peddle power. Some of the paint jobs were awesome... I bet you could get a pick-up load of H/T's and sell them at the car shows if you had a cool demo bike to show them off....
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    I don't begrudge anybody making a boatload of money. Truth, I got my fair share. I want to have enough to be happy and be happy with enough. If I could feed the fire of hungry minds this would be a good way to spend my remaining years.