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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lemont1, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Hey, my name is lemont, I live in so cal near the beach. I recently picked up a Whizzer Pacemaker 2. I biult one from a kit I found at a garage sale with a schwinn frame about 8 years ago (lot's of trouble, always blowing head gaskets). This pacemaker was still in a box and is running good so far (30 miles). I am new to this site and fourms alltogether. I would like to find out more about this bike and a friend suggested this site. I have no paper work or manuals with this bike but am not brand new to bikes or motors so have it running pretty well so far. Any way I look forward to learning more and will appreacate any advice and info.


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    Mainly - just start reading. You will pick up a ton of info - just take the time to sort it out.

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    Yes, and the search feature is a great tool. It can be your best friend!
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    glad you found the forum. I learned all about my Whizzer here. What I still have a terrible time doing is posting a new thread. I can't find the "new thread " spot to start one. I found it twice only after much screwing around but now can't find it again. Some body save me!!
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    Go to the Forums main page, you'll see major headings like MBc Forums Lobby, Clubhouse - Social and Common Areas, Garage and Tech/Mech Help and several others. Under each forum there are subtopics. Find the subtopic that relates to your post and click to enter it. Once inside that subtopic there are two ways to start a new post. Either click the "New Thread" button in the upper left area or over on the right side is a drop down menu labeled "Forum Tools" and the option to create a new thread is there as well. Hope this helps!
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