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  1. dan+1

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    Hello all,
    New to the powered bike thing. Already having fun just getting started.

    1st build will be a 26" Huffy Good Vibrations. I picked up the bike yesterday.

    The engine will be a silver Slant big mount 80CC Bicycle motor kit X80. According to fed ex the engine is in transit.

    I am in rural Texas, not any bike shops around close, besides I am kind of a DYS kind of guy anyway.

    Anyway looking forward to learning something new.

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to the Forums at MBc, Dan and the +1, also. Curious to know who the '+1' is, actually. You are in the right place to start your first build, tho. Plenty of help here. Be sure to read, read, and read...then ask questions where necessary. Btw, where abouts in rural Texas are you? We have a lot of members all over Texas (as well as all over the world) who would be ready to help...if not in person, then by a post. Don't be shy about asking...and good luck.
  3. Dave C

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    Hi and welcome. Take your time building, Blue Locktite EVERYTHING... look for crappier-than-usual looking parts and fix accordingly. They have chumped-out on tapping the holes to the bottom, this causes stripped holes so it's a good idea to tap the smaller holes to the bottom. Watch doing the head studs, they can be undersized for the stated diameter. The M8 1.00 studs are not nessarily the right size, mine were undersized by a hair, enough so Sick Bike Parts upgrade head studs would not screw in.

    The rag joint sprocket and the idler pulley are real important to get lined up, keeping the chain as short as possible. The idler pully twisting on the frame getting into the spokes..ruin your day for sure:ack2: Mine's came out where the pulley runs close enought to the tire to keep that from happening.

    When your first starting out check parts for loosening every time you stop. Every time. Your motor bolts and bike bolts *will* back out if there is any looseness at all. guanronteed:shout:

    There are a bunch of real good stickied threads on what needs to be done from wireing on up to what makes a good MB tire on to how to hotrod and what not to do to a motor, some of the porting jobs I've seen make me go wooooooo....:poop:

    I'm a hot rodder at heart and there's an immense amount of parts made for or can be adapted to these motors. My motor never ran stock, I had the Sick Bike Parts expansion chamber from the start and the Boost Bottle. I raced Super Kart so stock was never in the plan:cool2:
  4. dan+1

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    San Saba County, hill country.

    +1 most the time is my Jack Russel named Dobie, she has one eye and a scar on her front leg, I was able to save the leg thank goodness otherwise I would have had to rename her Lucky.

    As for the MB scene +1 would be my brother. He is lurking in the back ground, engineer side of him is curous as heck, but keeps pointing out the crazy side of it. but he did ride the bike today also. :)