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    I will be reading thru here.

    Was not a little surprised to find this warning of greeting, in my inbox.

    Welcome to!

    Your first post should be a new thread in the Introduce Yourself forum. Simply click on "New Thread" on the upper-left-hand corner.

    Also, remember to follow a few Ground Rules when participating in the forum. Rules are no fun, but with as many members as MBc has, we need to establish some member guidelines to avoid complete chaos.

    1. Listen to the moderators. They are the rule enforcers and their judgment is final. Try to be respectful to them as they have a difficult position.
    2. Be respectful to others. Do not use insults - play nice with other members
    3. Maintain a "family friendly" environment. No curse words or adult language. Trying to circumvent the word sensor with symbols and misspellings is prohibited.
    *** This is misspelled ,***************************************

    4. Search before posting a question. If you have a question, chances are that it was already asked and answered. Use the search feature to avoid repeating the same question.
    5. Post in the correct forum. Help keep our community organized by posting in the appropriate category. For example, if you have a specific technical question, post in the Garage instead of the General Discussion.
    6. Use punctuation and correct grammar. It is really difficult to read someone's block of text with no periods, commas, etc.
    7. Use IMG tags appropriately. Don't overuse IMG tags (we have people on dial-up) and never use IMG tags on a picture that is wider than 800px or larger than 1mb.

    8. No spamming! If you are a vendor, you must follow the Vendor Rules. If you are advertising something, make sure to do it appropriately. Over-posting or posting in the wrong categories can get you in trouble.


    9. No Politics! Period. No religion either!
    Politics!? Why would i wish to speak of trash, in a bike forum, as for religion, I pray hard as I try to nav the streets on a bike.

    Simply abide by these guidelines and your experience at MBc will be favorable.

    FAVORABLE *** as opposed to fun, informative, useful!?

    Oh well lets see what you have?

    I am running a Friction kit from Stanton, it's ok, would like a bit more control, and power range, but as an assist motor... well.

    I built one of the china girls, a nightmare.
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    Welcome aboard :D