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    Hi all
    Just built a tadpole trike with a staton axle drive

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    Hope to see some pictures of your build

    All the Best

  3. AltonKeel

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    my second tadpole trike

    A few years ago i built a sun ez3 tadpole trike with a staton rack mount chain drive and a tanaka 47r. It was fast but the center of gravity was too high.

    I just finished my second trike.
    It's a kmx typhoon, their cheapest model. I used a staton axle mount chain drive with a tanaka 40cc engine. I used a 26 inch rear wheel from staton. i replaced the tires with maxis hookworms all the way around.

    I rode about a tank of gas and things are just beginning to free up. top end its 33 mph but there should be a bit more when the engine and gearbox breakin.

    next I'm going to put the pipe from my 47r on and a 15mm carb. that should add more wide band power and a little top end.

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