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    Some one I work with here suggested that I check out this forum when I inquired about his home-built gas-engine Schwin. I had been admiring his bike for the past couple of months and finally confronted him and asked about it.

    I am not sure what I intend to build or buy yet, but I do expect that I will start some sort of project in the near future. I lived for a number of years in Holland where the bike culture is dominant. Brom-fiets or motored bikes are very popluar over there and I have seen some pretty amazing things over there.

    At the moment I am leaning more toward an electric motor, possibly some simple bolt-on attachment or whatever, but half the reason I joined here today is to read you-alls thoughts, feelings, triumphs, and mistakes before I make any choices.

    I look forward to reading more about this.

    I am Hawkeye.

  2. welcome from another New Englander
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    Welcome to MBc.