New happy time better quality!!!!!


go you good thing

I just asked my chinese 70cc supplier at if he could get me a needle bearing to replace the bush used in the conrod and he said that he could as the new batch of motors (delivered from china about a week ago) have them as standard. :D :D :D

I bought one of these new motors last week and it also has the new throttle with built in kill switch. The grip is also longer.

I have ordered more of the needle bearings to replace my other one.

Looks like thing that are coming out of china are getting better. Maybe they have read our wish list here and are slowly implementing the suggestions
my latest dax 70 also came with roller bearings (& 3 oil-holes in the conrod top)...had a seal leak, warranty on the way (dax is very good about that)...can't wait for the replacement because that bad baby was starting to kick in oh so nicely at about 200 miles :D

only got the short-block, tho, i have no idea about anything new in the dax 70 kits...

i love hearing about the same kick-butt improvements half (1/3?) a world away, mayhaps someone is paying attention 8)
My view on Asian Quality

Here's what I don't get ... When the Japanese introduced 35mm cameras to the USA, the cameras were top quality, precision machines, not knock off junk. Makes sense, metal is pricey, labor is cheap ... make good stuff

Since hand labor is the difference between OK and great machinery, why not have the cheap labor force crank out some quality products, sure, they would cost a little more, but long term ownership guarantees repeat, and spin off buyers, cheesy cr*p always looks / acts cheesy.

I wish America would step into the ring, and compete toe to toe with the
Chinese, yes, ours would cost more, but if a better value in the long run,
than they become cheaper . How about if Engineering Colleges bought some kits, and had students build, and add improvements to existing kits.

Picture a motorbike throwing cinders while hot lapping the jogging track, all in the name of higher education, and energy conservation