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    I am out of huntington beach orange county ca beach and P C H ! I am that guy with the loud pipes doing 45 M P H on P C H at 2 am!! sorry. got a beach cruser with a raw 66cc banana ex chamber billit intake cns carb ngk plug n wire billit hub adaptor 28 t sproket no chain tentioner monark forks dinged gas tank and broken spokes ! ya car eather dont see me or dont think I am going 45 M P H !!! I am poor but dream of building a worksman stock frame pk 80 motor M M head and intake deltoro 1515 carb boost bottle banana ex chamber jnm header & pro damp & jaguar CDI 41 chain no tentioner (half links)and hub adaptor gas tank by sportscarpat abrams forks worksman black steel rims with stainless steel spokes front drum coster rear SBP billit cluch coverand teflon cable 123 motor mounts drag bars shorty fenders slick 26x2.125 tires pirate layback seat post hair pin seat and a tool box like pats but longer and maybe a tuned pipe if I can find someone to coustom weild it did I forget any thing but the dremal port and polish job ! and yes I dream about it ! I got some of the stuff and going to order the worksman in mid oct ! well glad to be hear!!! lets ride

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    Hey riff44raff
    Congrats on moving to a better neighborhood.

    Are you coming to the race on Oct 22nd at Grange?
    If you bike does 45 mph you will do pretty good.
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    hay thank you or should you say there goes the neighborhood ha ha yes I love the races we got them at the fair . speedway . how much is it to get in ? and to race ? hears a idea for you I dont have a way to haul my bike and I bet a lot of people dont and thats a fair bike ride so maybe put up a post to ride share from zip codes or something . just a idea .any idea whos saleing a new PK 80 motor hopefully someone that will ship to cali and again thank you .lets ride:bowdown:
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    There is a carpool thread on both forums for this race and for the last one.
    CARPOOL to SoCal Race Sat Oct 22nd 2011 at Grange Race Track.
    go ahead and ask for a ride.......

    I am leaving Friday 21st morning 11ish? and returning on Sunday.
    Might have room for one bike.
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    thank you .too cool and one last ??? what tooth rear sprocket do you think will work best for that track ??? 45 M P H with a 28 tooth .takes a half a mile to get her going .:ack2:
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    A 36 tooth sprocket on a good running bike should give about 40 mph
    top speed and better acceleration than a 28 tooth.

    If you are only hitting 45 mph with a 28 tooth you are over geared.
    a 26.5" measured back wheel at 6800 rpm = 45 mph [28 tooth]

    a 26.5" measured back wheel at 7300 rpm = 39 mph [36 tooth]

    You can buy a tach for about $35