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Feb 7, 2008
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This is my first post, so let me take this opportunity to say hello. It's great to be a part of a community dedicated to this wonderful hobby.

I'm thinking of building a motorized tricycle.
My projected plan is to deck it out to make a masterpiece of a trike.
Before getting into the "pretty stuff", I need to know some mechanical aspects of my project. The 80cc kit will obviously be working harder to propel a tricycle as opposed to a bicycle, right? If I want to top out at least at 30-45mph or so, will I need a more powerful motor? I would also like to keep the mechanics as sleek as possible, free of any unnecessary bulky details.

Also, I have been looking for custom parts to a tricycle and it's in short supply. If I want, say, designed rims, will bicycle rims suffice or does it have to be specifically tricycle rims?

Thanks in advance,

Edit: Also, is this idea far-fetched? That is, is a motorized tricycle highly prone to flipping?
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Hi Chris. First, local custom requires you to post an intro in the Introduction section of the forum. I'll assume you'll take care of that detail. I would think that a good running 80cc (assuming it really is 80cc) should get you into the 30+ area. You should look at some of the trikes already here. I'll look around and find some links for you.
Yeah, sorry guys. I was contemplating on whether or not to post an introduction and thought I'd just jump in. I've now posted an introduction :D.
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Thanks for the speedy response and your efforts to dig up some links for me.

Also, that's an insanely creative build for your trike. Props.

I think Papasaun's tricycle is the closest to what I have in mind. Perhaps he could come in and give me some tips on this.

I'm still brainstorming it, so I'll ask more detailed questions as my project progresses.

Thanks again,