New here and looking for advice to mount engine. (not a kit)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by custom_tecumseh, May 30, 2007.

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  1. I recently purchased a 3-4hp tecumseh engine from a guy at a small engine repair shop that has a centrifugal clutch on it.

    I'm hoping to mount it on my 18 speed Roadmaster bicycle.

    Currently i'm attempting to attach a pulley to my one piece pedal/crank arm assy. I will be mounting the engine above the rear wheel using a piece off a basketball backboard.

    My engine is larger than most of the ones I have seen on this site, if not all of them. I'm not planning on using it as a commuter, just a fun summer project. I'll try to get pics to post asap.


  2. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    This is the intro forum Mr. Tecumseh...So hi and gee-willikers! :grin:

    How do you plan on stopping?
    Are the spokes, brakes and such up to this task?
    Will the engine be mounted with bent nails?

    Start a thread in the right forum with some details after giving these question some consideration. :smile:

    There will be others saying hi and you might want to talk to them.
    You might consider clicking on resources at the top of the page.
  3. My brakes work really well actually.
    I think that my spokes will be up to the task.
    I only weigh 130lbs, and my setup can't weigh more than 35lbs.

    Im not sure on the number of spokes, its 2"x24" tire front and back.
  4. gone_fishin

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    another mad-scientist gets onboard...

    there's a mongrel rack-mount in picture gallery that totally kicks ass, 'tecumseh, maybe you can
    find something there to inspire :D

    welcome to MBc 8)
  5. azbill

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    welcome to MBc
    but please post tech stuff in proper forum :)
    (we are trying hard to keep organized)

    your project does sound cool tho 8) 8)