New here, but 50 years a saddlerat..

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  1. Robby321

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    Have a 98 Whizzer that is a older guys here. It had been sitting, I got it running, but second start, popped a few times, got some clanking out the motor (could have just been the tire hitting the ground), but anyway it quit. Now no spark. Stator seems solid, but getting a fast ticking out the lower left crankcase. Still spins fine, good compression. Anyway, long to short, it will be for sale as is. Don't want to mess with it, and he said sell it. Located in Puget Sound WA. I'll post more later in For Sale.
    Sorry for the long intro, but ya gotta start somewhere!
    Robby..50 years Harleys and Jap rides...and a Whizzer way long time ago!

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    No, no, no.....

    Keep the Whizzer and join up with us.

    You won't regret it.
  3. hill climber

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    i'm with bluegoatwoods, keep it.
  4. Mountainman

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    keep the motor bike thing

    and ride that THING

    as we all know -- sometimes when we sell them -- may be a mistake
  5. seanhan

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    yea keep it..
    Bringing that Whizzer back to life sounds like a Lot of FUN..
    Good cheap entertainment !!!!
    and sense of acomplishment !!!!
    Fix that wizzer thing!!!!!
  6. Robby321

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    Yeah, I'm a little ticked off it went flat, after I got a few blocks out of it. WHAT A GRIN! said, had one almost 50 years ago.
    My situation here..
    Its an old guys here (74..we live private roads HOA, just got him up and running a Honda he's mobile)
    Me? Sitting here retired, only 58, been minis/Cushmans/Vespa's? name it..road them, or owned them, and beyond since 1959.
    21 years Machinist, came out the womb with a wrench.
    Own a 84 Bagger, 79 Shovelhead chopper, homemade 72 Sporty Dragbike, 95 CBR1000, Honda Minitrail 70 restored, Honda CH150 "rat scooter"..ride it here down to the boat in the marina here..(own 3 them, 25 foot to a "crank up rebuild..135HP Merc Tower Of Power, on a 15 foot Flatbottom Dragboat)
    And a "blown motor", in a 78 CR125 Honda dirtbike, shoved a new "cradle in", and a 2hp Briggs..jackshafted, 'WORLDS SLOWEST DIRTBIKE"..did it for fun.
    Twirl a wrench, fire the welders..make something out of it!
    Anyway, like said..this aint mine. But its really hard to let it go.
    I got a A+ in auto shop, but a D in electrics. Thing is, I would have to ask the owner for bucks to replace parts.
    What I'm thinking here, is (as most boating/bikes..Forums..which on many..and helped many)..maybe you kids can help me out here.
    I'll post more on what happened, proper forum, and maybe we can take this a step at a time. Thing is, I aint big on "Taiwan" made stuff, ..BUT..stiill a Whizz!
    Again, it a 1998 Repo...ran, quit, has me waking up 3am.."thinking".
    If there is a repo motor out there for a decent price, a runner, maybe that the the way...old for parts. Don't want to dump a new Stator and related, at $100+. and find not the prob..(hate electrical stuff!)
    What ticks me off, is I get a fast "clicking"..out the left side case, (stethoscope)..but gears right side case. "Steath" the flywheel, and silent.
    Have zero idea the clicking is normal, but knowing motors..not right.
    I need to yank the Flywheel..anyone know if a left, or righthand thread?
    Chain wrench, impact ready...this needs to be moved another forum..
    Mods, can be done? This post? Lets get this figured out..thanks help guys/girls.
    Old too cool...(pedal yer butt off until it starts...then putt by and wave at the Mountain Bikers, "sweating"...! Robby..(never grow up..old OK though..):grin5: