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    just picked up this badboy on a trade with some other stuff for my goldwing that wasn't working so well and im not very good with mechanical issues to be honest. i dont know much about it other than it being 80cc. one question, the original owner said something about an 80/20 mix in it. my friend familiarized me with it a little but this is my first two stroke engine so could someone tell me how to gas it up so i know what i'm doing from now on
    would be very much appreciated. i already used the search function but all i hear is 16:1 25:1 etc and honestly i dont even know what that means other than oil and gas. i didnt see it clearly explained in any sticky thread i'm probably just missing it or maybe its just not on here as this is a motorized bike forum not a how to work a two stroke engine group.
    excuse my lack of knowledge and thanks for your help ahead of time

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    Do you own a trimmer, or leaf blower ? Mix the fuel same as any other 2 cycle engine . You can buy small bottles of 2 stroke oil that you mix with exactly 1 gallon of gas, the ratio is on the bottle. For a new engine, use less than a full gallon of gas, to create an oil rich mixture, once broken in 20 - 1 seems to be a popular mix. Synthetic oil is smokeless, and works excellently .
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    thank you and no i've lived in rentals all my life no need for any of that haha
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    One more tip- do not go full speed downhill- excess rpm kills these things quickly. (From what I read).