new here from R.C. Michigan

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    Thats Rose City.
    Hello, I am someone who has some experience using several different motor bike engine kits and a few home built as well. I been reading here a while and its time for me to chime in I think. I first started with a friction drive kit back in the very early "90s" sometime. I then bought the MX-5 kit when it first appeared in Popular Mechanics. I still have a Golden Eagle Bike engine and "a China kit" still in the box and a Staton chain drive on my current bike a Diamondback Wildwood Tandem.

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    Well, you may be new to our site but it sounds like you're hardly new to motorized bikes. With what you have and the length of time you've been riding MBs, I'm sure you have a lot of good information and insight that our fellow members would welcome hearing about. Welcome to MBc!
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    Hello and Welcome to the Forum.