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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ct44134, Oct 6, 2014.

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    Hi guys, found this forum through a google search. I was browsing facebook on a gun trader page and came across this. Seemed like a good deal ($200), so what I was wondering is if anyone could give me some information on this bike here. Would really be buying it to cruise to and from work to here and there (3 miles each way) and have a little fun on. Does it look like a good put together bike for the price? Any info on it or the motor? Stay away from this?

    Thanks for the help!! Sorry if this is in the wrong category. Below are pictures, and the text from the ad.

    "Huffy beach cruiser bikeChinese 50cc 2 stroke motor
    +\- 90 mpg
    Top speed 30mph

    Fun little get around bike, gets a lot of looks and easy to maintain"

    1384112_10152466118513235_656365638835875511_n.jpg 10469361_10152466118713235_6051241524202890691_n.jpg 10514642_10152466118328235_3402142206495767610_n.jpg 10649770_10152466118793235_988591541656736147_n.jpg

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    Be sure to ride it first.
    The first one I thought about buying had so many problems it was worse than walking.
    So then I had a new engine mounted onto my bike and the rest is history.
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    First of all, Fat Tire is good beer. If your thinking about "getting into" motorized bikes, I say go for it. $200.00 for what I see in the photos is a good start, If your willing to do the work. And by that I mean " The journey is a lot of the fun". If your looking for a fun hobby,a fun ride ,and overall enjoyment , go for it. But, if your not willing to work on the bike, Don't bother.
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    Looks like it's worth the money. I agree with Zen, you need mechanical ability and infinite patience to keep one of these running. I see a couple of things you need to address right now. First is brakes, I don't see any on the front. DO NOT rely on a single rear brake!! Second, replace that plug wire, and while you're there, replace the plug with an NGK b6hs. These things are a blast to ride, but please don't trust your life on a thin chain. If it breaks, or even slips off, guess what? Good luck, you came to the right place, there are many knowledgeable people on this forum who are willing to help.
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    Jaguar, i have been searching you, i have read all your tuning tips for the motor, i need to ask you some questions about the jaguar cdi.
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    :iagree: sometimes you need the patience (and inner peace) of a Buddhist temple monk when working on these engines.
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    The oxen are slow, but the mountain is patient .
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    the "easy to maintain" bit might be a stretch, heh....