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    Worked in a bicycle shop around 30 years ago- now getting into motored biking as a hobby. I worked at the local Harley dealer as a mechanic for a year, then owned my own small engine repair shop until the local military base, who were 85% of my business, shut down in the early 1990's (thank a lot, Bill Clinton!!!). Worked as a paid firefighter from 1983 through 2003, then medically retired and went to work in the family business. Totally retired in 2006, now looking for something to turn wrenches on to occupy my time. I always wanted a motored bicycle (or a pre-1920 Harley), and this is about as close as it looks like I'm going to get to one.

    I'm looking for info on the "perfect bicycle" to use for this project. I know it will be a "beach cruiser" (heavy frame). What I'm having trouble finding is one with front spring suspension (for comfort), a big/wide springy seat (for comfort), disk brakes in the front, and I'm assuming I ought to have coaster brakes in the rear because if the bike has disk brakes in the rear, where would the motor sprocket go??? If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I'd prefer to stay under $200.00 on the bike. Used bikes are not out of the question. Broken frames are not a problem, I have a MIG welder.

    Anyhow- thanks for having the forum- I've been reading about two-strokes vs. four-strokes, and decided on the Black Stallion 2 stroke motor, but also bought one of the Harbor Freight 2-1/2 HP four strokes in case the Black Stallion motor blows up. If it holds up to my fat butt (200 pounds) then I'll use the HF motor on my lawn edger which is currently blowing blue (oil) smoke like a hooptie car going down the interstate!

    I enjoy ham radio, and will probably cobble up my own headlight using high-intensity white LEDs I have in the junk box.

    Thanks again! -KR4WM

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    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, the "perfect Bike" tends to be a moving target.
    As soon as you have it broken in, you will find another "perfect bike" to pine for.
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    Hey there, welcome to MBc.

    Springer forks are available aftermarket for a number of different builds. Disc brakes are the best and good rim brakes are not bad but I'd stay clear of just a coaster brake.
    Yeah, used bikes are good and to stay in that price range I'd much prefer a decent used bike over most of the department store models around today.

    With your background in mechanicals you will be way ahead of many getting going.
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    Trek Navigator 3.0 has everything you are looking for, except the price. They are about $400-425 at the bike shop.

    Single speed with front brake in this brand is the Trek Pure.

    The Trek website has pretty good descriptive features.
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    Thanks for the recommendation- I took a look at the Trek website, and I don't see the tell-tale sign of disk on the front wheel that would indicate a front disk brake. I see clincher-type brakes in the photo, so that shoots this model in the foot. Also, the downtube (from front yoke to pedal housing) looks oblong and not round, which may make mounting the motor more difficult. Lastly, it has a dérailleur, and that would preclude a coaster rear brake. The mechanics of the bike obviously will be more important than comfort to some extent- so I guess I'll have to forgo the front suspension in favor of more motor-friendly frame dimensions and a safer braking system. Thanks, -KR4WM
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    I've been looking over the Trek website- and the "ideal" bike for this project appears to be the 69er Single Speed, but at $2200.00, I'll pass and buy a "real" motorcycle!!! Anyhow- I'm not so sure the motor will fit in the "V" of that frame, it looks too small. But this bike has ALL the features that I'm looking for. Apparently they knew we would put motors in them and jacked up the price accordingly! :)
    Thanks, -KR4WM