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  1. I just stumbled upon this site looks like fun! I have one motorized bike i built from an old mountain bike and a jawa moped engine. I usually build old minibikes and gokarts most of them from scratch. My motorized bike is kinda thrown together i didnt make it pretty i just built it to work and that it does! I gotta say its one of the most fun and rewarding things iv ever built because of the fact that i can ride it on the road and go pretty much anywhere without getting hastled.
    Around here we have alot of hills so riding a regular bike takes alot of time and energy to get where your going. With the motor bike you just motor up when you see a hill and pedal on the flats and down and never get tired! My bike is geared real low like pedaling speed. Id like to gear it up some but not much. Thats why i made the rear gear bolt on. But its got so much grunt now. We call it the Cazikstan bike because it looks like somthing Borat would ride :grin5: Plus the jawa engine is made in chekloslovakia.
    Once me my brother and my freind went on a long ride through the mountains. We only have the one motor bike so we tied it and two other bikes on the back in a chain to get up the hills. It struggled but made it:grin5:
    Anyhow im looking forward to exploring the site and getting more ideas for progects :D


  2. It could use a little paint, but I like it. The jackshaft looks boss. What can you tell us about the engine?
  3. The engine is from a 1979 or so Jawa babetta moped. You can see the lockout on the output sprocket that allows it to freewheel for normal pedaling. and when you want to start it just engage it and pedal hard and it starts it. I got the old moped from a freind. it was missing a wheel because his dad threw it away because somebody tried to steal it out of his backyard. Didnt make much sence. He couldnt get it running after he rode through a mud pit lol. I had quite a bit of trouble getting it to run right at first but after i cleaned out the points and made a cover for them and an air filter its very reliable now. Paint who needs it :) I like the cobbled together look of it its like a road warrior lol My brother takes it to work sometimes and parks it nexto his bosses 50k$ v-rod lol Guess which one gets more attention. Since the pics were taken iv added a headlight and a tool pouch and a rack on the back for hauling stuff i find at the curb. Also a bigger seat for long rides and like i said a cover for the points. Its a actually the bottom of an old gojo can held on with a coathanger. Once i was riding and an old man was rolling out to the curb two old roll-fast bananna seat bikes straight out of his shed from the 60's all original. I strapped them both to my back and on the rack with a bungee and rode home lol it was a site to see
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    I also like the cobbled together look... don't paint it... very cool bike. Great trash to treasure story.... and I don't doubt you for one second the bike gets more attention than the fancy Harley. There is something intriguing and magical about a bicycle with a motor on it. Especially one that looks homemade... it gets the imagination running.

    Kinda makes you wonder what the people around the turn of the century must have thought when they saw their first "daredevil" motored-biker zoom by???
  5. Jawa made some great motorcycles, I'm not sure if they are still in busuness. A friend of mine had a 1960s 250 motocross Jawa that had plenty of power and grunt. If you compare the engine to a HT you will immediately notice how much more fin area on the Jawa. Cool.
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    Great pics and story. Welcome to Motoredbikes. Whereabouts are you in NY?
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    Yeah, the first thing most people ask is "did you make that"? Seems to impress people that some one can build something.
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    why the jackshaft??? Can I ask why you didn't use the stock bracket and one of those sprockets on your bottom bracket to send all the power through one chain to the back???

    The reason we use jackshafts on the 2-stroke Chinese engines is to send the power to the right hand side of the bike.... your motor already has the drive gear on that side. Would have been easier to line up the drive gear with one of those lower gears on your bottom bracket. That way you could have taken advantage of your derailleur setup.
  9. thanks guys! Professor im in Vestal Ny its right nexto Binghamton.
    Reasons for the jackshaft. You need a solid non freewheeling sprocket to start the engine. I wanted full use of the derailer for regular pedaling. The chain is the wrong size. The gear ratio would probrobly be too fast. So lots of reasons :)
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    sounds good... love the bike.
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    I think your build is a great example of a rat rod, with the matte finish, zoomy exhaust and oversized looking motor. Rat Rods are all GO with less SHOW.
    As one esteemed member of the forum says, "Chrome don't get you home!".