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    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum.

    Currently in the middle of a build involving a bicycle and a Grubee 5 engine. I think I may have installed the sprocket incorrectly, so I might need help there.

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    Hello Katzohki,
    If ya do a search, their is a lot of info on the rear sprocket. I put my 66cc Skyhawk on a beach cruiser (coaster brake) and had to modify the rear sprocket, otherwise I couldn't fit both spacers correctly behind it. The sprocket did not fit over the coaster break bearing cup. At first, I tried it without one spacer, but the chain kept comming off.
    So I had to take a grinder and open the hole until it fit over the cup, then I could fit the second spacer behind the sprocket. Works like a charm.
    What kinda bike ya putting it on?
    Best advice I can give you is replace all the nuts that come with the kit for lock nuts. Plus, thread locker is your best friend :) Use it on EVERYTHING! Otherwise you will ride your bike for several miles then notice something is comming loose. No fun.
    I'm in the process of waiting on parts. I plan on rebuilding mine and going for a 150 mile trip. I would like to ride to bike week in Laconia NH, and show off my build. Gonna be an adventure !
    I built the bike last summer and learned the hard way on what works and what does not. This site is the holy grail for info. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago myself.
    Have fun :)
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm actually pretty certain what is going wrong, I think. It's a no-name beach cruiser I bought of craigslist. Right now it's looking like I will need to enlarge the main sprocket hole, because as it stands now, there's no way I can put the reaction arm back on. I can't put the reaction arm back on now because it would rub against the sprocket.

    I'm a little disappointed as the instructions never mentioned the reaction arm, or even what it was. So I left it off..........

    By the way, is this the right order?
    Sprocket ---- Metal clamp ---- rubber gasket ---- spokes ---- gasket ---- clamp

    I am making a website dedicated to the build.
    Obviously it is not finished yet.
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    sometimes you need to forget metal parts up against sprocket most newer cruisers u do try both ways