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    I have a gas assisted bicycle. The guy i bought it off of says he runs straight gas no mix. What type of engine would that be considered? Im also not sure of the cc category? I do not have a license. Live in Illinois. I do know that if i come to a and dont pull the clutch it will die. When i pull the clutch in it revs a little higher and doesnt die. Has any one found out whether a lic is needed or not. It is a bicycle dont think it goes over 25 with skme one weighing 170. I onky weigh 130 so its going to go faster. I just don't need any tickets or need to go to jail. I was told by my buddy. That i should take it to the local police department and have thsm look at it and determine what they would classify it under. Theres no place to put a lic plate theres. It has 2 2 chains and sprockets on both sides. I feel pretty confident that my bike would fall under the ebike laws but not sure. Please, please, please, comment with any knowledge on the situation you have.

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    Really no oil mix and it has a manual clutch lever???

    I don't know of any 4 strokes that are like that.

    Sounds like you have a 2 stroke and are in the process of ruining
    the motor because it isn't getting oil.

    Post a pic of your motor or one that it looks like.

    Gas powered bikes are in a different category than ebikes.