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Jan 31, 2008
South Australia
The pic below is shows how it panned out so far with a HT engine on 27" steel frame.
By the looks of things, some plumbing might be due..., ongoing project.

The bike being used is not a regular build bike, but using the 27" frame to "dummy" fit HT engines where special brackets are sometimes required.
So if the new carby has problems fitting on a 27" frame, then I assume it will have similar problems on MTB or 26" frames.
I think it's an oversight by the suppliers, they don't build bikes, do they ?

The new carby however looks well made, comes with cables already connected to handle-bar grips, choke levers etc. ( plug and play)
Seems good value for under $80.00 AUD
I'm thinking of plumbing the airfilter intake rather than messing with the manifold.


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Carb looks good. what about getting a 90 degree elbow from a plumbing shop to add to the intahe, then the airfilter could sit off to the side.
yes drunkskink, I imagine and hope to take advantage of angled fittings so air-flow is forced in, yet again not restricted by too many angles, or protruding too far out to one side and get in the way of peddling.
Looks like they need to engineer an offset intake to accommodate the new carb.

It certainly looks great though! And it fixes one of the major character flaws with the NT carb being essentially non-adjustable. (idle/low speed mixture)
Thats some crazy space you had to play with bolts,

well done...

Have you noticed extra OOMPH through-out the rev range,

better top speed?
I was hoping to have something by this weekend until a week ago while filing a piece of metal to square this bracket, dislocated left shoulder,then shingles on that shoulder's nerves flared up and that flu bug gettin about all in one hit. So no go yet.
Let ya'll know when it's sorted.

For those who don't know what Shingles is, it's a sort of by-product of chicken pox, according to google it lives in the nerve cell.
Heya Bolts,
Shingles=======man thats some pain you have then,
Hope ya get well soon,
all the best
Regards Jase
Say when u get your carby done to your satisfaction can u let us all know what it's like in comparison to standard......better/worse,pros/cons.
BTW...Look after that shoulder,none of us ain't gettin any younger. :)
Will do fetor, djase is right, niggling pain. It feels like the skin is ripped out from the back of the left shoulder, under the arm pit, under the left upper arm and around left side of chest, it all feels like the skin has been peeled off. But it's all in tact really. It's the nerves, that's where the shingle "lives" in the cell of the nerves. And all I want to do is test this carby !!