New Hua Sheng Carbs.

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    I just bought and installed a new HS replacement engine....Problem is from an idle, when you try to increase the speed the engine hesitates and will die if not coaxed past a certain point.....I seem to recall this problem will my old HS engine and adjusting the mixture screw solved the problem......PROBLEM IS ::: the carb on the new engine has NO adjustment screw and the hole is blanked off....IF I drill out the blank what will I find.....I have the old carb & engine but using the old carb kinda defeats the purpose.....will the old adj. screw work on the new carb....
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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Your problem is easily solved.
    Yes, you can drill the plug out and you will find the adjustment screw underneath.
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    why would they have it sealed off in the first place?
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    A photo of this would help.
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    The new shipment of 4 stroke kits actually have 2012 EPA approval
    and part of that is making the carbs tamper proof so you
    can't change the "correct" EPA settings.

    The GXH 50 Honda carbs mixture screw can only be turned + or - 1/4 turn
    which is a much better solution as it gives you some adjustment.
    They are both EPA and C.A.R.B. approved for CA.
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    The EPA setting will NOT work....I drilled out the plug with a 1/4" bit, turned the adj. 3/4 turn CCW and problem solved.....Thanks so much for the help....I pity the poor newbie that doesn't know about this adj....Another example of the gov. helping us....thanks to all again.....and it is a plug not just a thin cover..
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    I tried to upload a picture but this site said the file was too big....since I'm not a computer whiz, what do I need to do so I can upload pictures
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    You have to resize your pictures. If you use Windows, you can use Paint to resize them by selecting the Image tab and resize using Resize/Skew or Attributes. You'll have to play around with the settings. I am sure there are other programs that make it easier. The Attachment Manager use to tell you the size limits of the different image formats, but I don't see it anymore.

    If you use Apple products, someone else will have to help you out.

    Good Luck,

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    Or you can post to photobucket then import them.
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    Unless your printing a picture you should save them as jpeg's (Joint Photographic Exchange Format). Pretty much works anywhere. If in doubt keep them under 300 pixels.