New Hyper Cruisers possible steel???


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Jul 2, 2018
Just read this while checking out some frames for a future 4stroke from April of this year says his Hyper cruiser is steel and a magnet sticks to it??? I have built four or 5 Hyper bikes and love the frame, but I stick to stockish 2strokes or 49cc 4strokes on them because of their short comings - crappy hubs/wheels, and aluminum frame that is weaker and not easy for most to weld on. If the frames on the newer ones are steel though, it would be a KILLER bike for $99.

Searching different listings, some show it as aluminum and some list it as steel for the same exact bike - IE gasbike lists it as aluminum, lists it as steel, and some ebay ads show one or the other. Hyper website doesn't even list it on their website anymore...maybe they were originally aluminum but changed to steel recently???

I bought this because I liked the frame style. Basic black beach cruiser with a very stylish, laid-back, slack appearance. Assembley was easy and straight forward. However, afterwards noticed one of the fork legs was bent (likely during shipping) causing it to jut out about an inch further than the other one. Called the toll free number to Hyper Bicycles in the owner's manual and had a brand new, perfect replacement sent very quickly. A few specs for those considering purchase: The frame is steel; (at least mine is) a magnet sticks to it. All parts, assemblys etc appear to be J.I.S. standard. 1 inch threaded steerer, 22mm or 7/8 inch handlebars, 3 piece caged bearing crankset, square taper with 124.5mm spindle/crank axle, (could be upgraded to sealed cartridge or free ball type very easily) 175mm crank levers, 9/16 pedals. 28.6 seat post. Very nice sprung seat. 110mm O.L.D. rear wheel with standard fare coaster brake. Tires are meaty 2.125 inch balloon tires, motorcycle/urban type tread pattern 43 PSI inflation (unable to recognize brand logo) Grippy, extra wide, soft cushiony hand grips. 3 point mounting on front fender, 4 on rear. The plan is to use this as a base for a motorized bicycle. 49cc four stroke engine fits well within the frame cavity. The welds all look very good. Initial testing as a straight bicycle is very good to excellent. Pedals smooth and sweet, handles nicely, stops well. The one and only caveat for buyers is to make sure all the bearings have grease. (front headset/steerer, crankset, wheels and coaster brake) If you have the proper tools it's about a one-two hour task at most. Overall an excellent deal for $99.

They probably just left the review on the wrong bike or something, but it was interesting enough to get me excited. Gonna swing by the local Walmart with a magnet and check them out today. If they are steel, I might get one to extend 2-3" and put a big 4stroke+CVT setup on it (along with triple tree forks, moped/small motorcycle wheels, etc) to make a street legal build that does ~75+mph.
Damn it that will piss me off!

Walmart says steel....:mad::mad::unsure:
Swung by the local Walmart and there wasn't a single one in stock to check...bummer!

I know for a fact the first one I bought was Aluminum since I checked it, but after that never bothered to check the others. I'm just worried it was a temporary thing before they discontinue them, since they are not on the Hyper website anymore and Walmart only had the new aluminum suspension MTB Hyper "Havok".
1 of the reviews on the wally site says it's a steel frame and tested it with a magnet.
i have the hyper cruiser frame. it's steel, I ordered it online from their site. good deal for a decent frame
drawbacks are coaster brake, needs cutting/welding seatpost for Predator size 4 strokes and handlebars suck lol
Mine was aluminum as well. Was really hoping to find a steel one but probably wishful thinking.

Might check a different Walmart tomorrow...if I find a steel one I'm buying it lol!