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  1. kogen

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    Hello my name is Phil. I am in Mesa, AZ. I am just starting to put together my first motored bike. Found out the hardway none of the bikes at Wally World have enough room for a center mount engine. Luckly a friend had an old Autobike that is big enough. Just got to strip it down and fix it up before i can add the 2 stroke engine I already got.

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    wow.. welcome!! The Arizona folks are comin out of the woodwork, it seems.

    Where in AZ are you located?
  3. kogen

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    Mesa, AZ
    Alma School and Southern.
  4. azbill

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    welcome from FH :D
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    I am at Center and University, just a few miles away.
  6. kogen

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    Sorry, about the slow reply. I have been having problems with my build, it a HT 66cc motor. I have been trying to find the answers on the forums, then I get side tracked with all the interesting discussions. Next thing I know I have used up all my time. And still not found my answer. :???:

    Hopefully this weekend I will be able to finish the build.
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  7. lennyharp

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    What's the problem? one here might be able to answer it.
  8. kogen

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    It's mainly a matter of having the right tools. I was given 2 bikes, one had the right size frame but the tires and pedals are shot. The other is a ladies frame with good tires and pedals. It is the pedals that stopped me. I don't have a gear puller to get the pedals off the ladies bike (They are stuck really good). I also need to modify the front engine mount because the bar is too wide. On the plus side there is already a place to screw into the bar were the bottle holder was. So I need to get a longer screw with proper threads for the main bar and spacers. I need to take the ladies bike to a shop to pull the pedals. I need to make the pedal chain longer. All this is going to take money I don't have right now. Also the motor I bought came with a manual but no installation instructions.

    I did research before I got into MBs. The clutch plate went out on my car. After doing some research I decided to go with a MB as my primary transportation and get a cheap replacement vehicle. Money wise I was quoted around $600 to replace the clutch plate. I figure I could sell the car as is for around $350. I can pick up a replacement van for about $700. Going that route saves me $250. Which is what has been spent on the MB. In the end my insurance goes down, and I spent a lot less on gas. But it also means I am a few weeks with out transportation. I think it is worth it.
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    please put city in bio
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    Sorry thought I already had.
  11. az cra-z

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    Left side pedal is backwards (left-hand) threaded, just in case ya' didn't know.
    az "ever-helpful" cra-z
  12. kogen

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    I got the bolts out but the pedal shaft is stuck good to the spindel shaft. This is what I need the gear puller for.
  13. lennyharp

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    A variety of crank tools. It sounds like you need to take it to a shop and get them 1) to sell you the tool or 2) to just take the spindle and cups out of the frame, and into the other one. I have some of the tools and live close so send a PM if you like.
  14. kogen

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    Yeah, those are what I need. I am going to be getting a full bike tool kit this weekend. I am so looking forward to getting it finished. It will be a mountain bike with cruiser bars and wheels.