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    I am currently building a MB on a Giant Simple 7, I got a GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc that I am doing in blue to match the bike.

    I am very unsure of what to expect here in Bend, OR. I see motorized scooters, the stand on type buzzing all over even though they are technically illegal. I've seen a few MB's as well. This was an appealing option I thought.

    I lost my license due to a "problem" and am suspended. :sweatdrop: I work 12 miles from my house. Not sure it's worth getting nabbed for driving while suspended on a MB.

    My question is simply is anyone in Bend, OR being stopped or have an police type incidents?

    Just thought I would ask. I can still enjoy building it for fun either way.


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    Hi Tyfoon, did you look at the legal section here?
    Welcome to Motoredbikes!

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    Thank you!!!

    Awesome site!

    Sure I did. The motorized bike I'm working on will be illegal. But my question was to others in bend to describe there experiences. It atleast to me seems that bend is green enough to turn a blind eye to that fact. I see alot of this as a cyclist.
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    My first cousin lives in Bend, and is into bicycling in a fairly big way. He had a 35 cc friction drive assist engine on the front wheel of an older cruiser type bike he owns, but after three run ins with cops - the last one threatening to confiscate the bike, he retired it. Now he has an e-bike for commuting, about 7 miles each way.

    Apparently, since Oregon is a "local option" state as regards motorized bicycles (or bicycle codes in general), city government in Bend has taken a dim view of gas bikes, but ignores electrics. I'll e-mail him for more particulars, but Danny is notorious in the family for procrastination, so it might take a while.

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    I've changed from my Giant to my old Schwinn for my project now. The Giant is great the way it is. The schwinn I was concerned about having just a coaster brake but I threw down on a Sturmey Archer front hub brake and Springer fork.

    I am relacing both front and rear wheels with 13 gauge spokes with red spoke nipples :)

    And one of these to cap off the rear: [​IMG]

    I figure, Throttle, bell, and front brake on right. Left side of the handlebar will have the three speed and clutch. I also got a mirror for the left.

    I am painting the Skyhawk engine red on black with ceramic engine paint. Then dremelling off the edges of the cooling fins to match the chrome.

    I dig the euro license plate on the Luftwaffe bike so since I am running chrome full fenders, I may look for a cool plate to mount. We'll see.

    What do you think?

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    Welcome to the forum TYFOON! We have a lot of Great Guys here, you should have no trouble Buying, selling , and trading! Not to mention the wealth of knowlege here to tap into! Good luck on your projects!

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    We'll I am back to the Giant Simple 7 as the bike for my Grubee 66cc. I wanted badly to put it on the Schwinn cruiser but the frame geometry and the coastbrake/ stormey rear hub (isn't going to work) make things complicated.

    For the sake of K.I.S.S. (Keep it stupid simple) the decision has to be to do the Giant. The standard motor mounts and universal motor mount will bolt right on.
    So here it goes.

    My Park PSC-10 bike stand will be here this week. A trip to the hardware store to replace some of the bolts and acorn nuts and it's on. I have a springer fork to put on that should be pretty easy.:helmet:

    The Grubee Skyhawk is much higher quaility than I expected after reading all the HT/Chinese nightmare stories. :poop: I torqued all the cover bolts and the studs are higher quality than I thought they would be so I am not replacing the studs. Just jam nutting everything with blue loctite and torquing to 12 ft./lbs. Plus the gaskets are higher quality, and they give you spares. The head has a metal gasket already so I am not milling the head like I planned either.:jester:

    I am still going to paint the motor, barring any surprises (I'm sure there will be some):dunce: it should be much "simple"-r.

    This site has been invaluable in the planning. Thanks guys. Next post should be a power bike!
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    Nice Bike Foon, can't wait to see the Motor on that thing.