New in box 80cc + upgraded engine mount

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by camplo, Mar 20, 2009.

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    The kit hasn't even arrived yet. I bought for the price shown plus shipping. Call me stupid but I ordered the wrong kit, but its already on its way. Supposed to arrive on the 20th of March.
    I'm willing to sell it to you at purchase price, me therefore loosing the money for shipping. I'm not sure if I can return it or what but its on its way so if YOU want it before I figure what else to do with it its yours. You can find these kits all over the internet for the same price above. Just google bicycle motor kit. The one I ordered is a supposed newer version. Chrome exhaust, fuel filter, chrome clutch lever. Email me for more specifics.

    Once again this is brand new haven't even received the fricken thing in the mail yet!

    Its the newest thing since sliced bread installs on pretty much any generic adult sized frame.
    35-40mph depending on weight, bike variables, etc etc
    Get to work without draining your pocket book on gas
    They are starting to come out with accessories now like a kit that gives you gears so you can increase speeds and what not

    I bought an upgraded engine mount kit that costed me 14 dollars. Am will to included that for 10 dallars easy. That also hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I ordered this **** yesterday on impulse...

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    what was the price you paid? I may be interested in taking this off your hands