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    Hello, I amnew to this motorized bike thing. I am having one built with a 66cc engine and I have been told that a 2 stroke , gas oil mix is not legal in the peoples republic of Kalifornia. Is that true? Also do I need a motorcycle licence? The dealer / builder said "No licence required in CA. and a DOT approved helmit is required. Can you please enlighten me? Thanks

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    Welcome , You do need to have at least an M2 drivers license. You do need to get a license plate for your bike (Calif. DMV Form 230 and $19.00 fee to DMV Sacramento). You do need to wear a DOT Helmet. You do need to have a left side mirror. All of these items are mentioned in the Calif. vehicle code but weather or not your local police enforce any or all or none of these, Who Knows? Ask other riders in your area when you see them. Do a search of this site for Calif. Law threads there are tons of them.

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    I appreciate the info. I will look in with the DMV as soon as I get my bike. The builder "Treasure Chest Thrift in Ventura" is tellling me I don't need these things but I am finding out otherwise. He say's the police aren't really enforcing this but I want to be on the safe side. I will go to the DMV next weeknd. Thanks allot...
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    Unless your local DMV is different than here in Costa Mesa they won't be able to help you and you will just get more frustrated. Here is a link to a downloadable copy of Form 230 Fill it out and Mail it and a check for $19.00 to Sacramento, six weeks later you will get your plate.

    As for the motorcycle license it is required, as gas motor powered bikes fall into catagory 406a. But you will have to decide for yourself to comply or not.

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    Lots help from
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    Welcome from Riverside CA..