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    Hi, my name is Chris, and this is the first time I've joined a forum like this so it's a little confusing for me. I just relocated from Milwaukee to Indiana and found myself with a little bit too much time on my hands, so i took up bike rebuilding as a hobby.
    It all started out innocent enough! I bought and fixed up a 1980 Schwinn Continental. Next I started to build a Phantom. While in the middle of working on the Phantom I came across another bike. After getting this bike home and researching it I discovered I had a 1948 Schwinn whizzer S-10 motorbike!
    After some fixing up I thought wouldn't it be cool to get a motor on this bike? I couldn't locate an old motor I could afford but located a basket case pacemaker 2. A few days later I had bike together. I thought if I could get pacemaker running I could than put the wc1 motor on the old bike.
    I'm stalled now at trying to get new bike running. I put new head on motor and have new carb and electrical components coming this week. So far no spark. At this point I have more questions than answers. I found this forum and I hope I can get some help. The guy i've bought over $200 dollars of parts from seems put out from my questions.
    Look forward to talking with some of you! Thanks

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    Great looking frames. I'm on the Southwest side of Indy with a Huffy Nel Lusso and a Harbor Freight 79cc engine. Anything I can help you with let me know....Dan
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    Steal frame bikes, no coaster brakes and reinforced fenders. Use the search feature to read up on these areas.
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    you should try to make it to portland indiana this weekend for the vintage bike rally
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    I'll be there Sat. to sell 48 schwinn and to buy some parts. Thanks