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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ChrisEddy, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Just saying hello... I just installed a Station-Inc Honda GXH50 - NuVinci hub kit on my aluminum frame full-suspension bike. Still breaking the engine in... so far I'm not overly impressed with Staton ... their quality control, communication and shipping stink. But, I guess I'll post more on that in a different area. I consider myself a solid gearhead so I know the difference between a TPS sensor and a crankshaft... I look forward to posting more... just found this site via Google... so I'm happy to see "we" have a place to share experiences and ideas - Chris

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    hey Chris and welcome to the site
    read read and read some more that's what I'm doing
    lots of nice folks round here also
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    Welcome! I hope your not looking for a TPS sensor on that lil honda because the TPS sensor for those are your ears. LOL
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    Hi Chris,
    I just got a nuvinci/staton/tanaka. I like it a lot. Im hopin that my nuvinci will hold up. I have been reading report that the nuvinci can brake down on motored bike application. How is yours holding up. How many miles do you have on it.