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    Just wanted to formally introduce myself, I am Dan, I live in north Sacramento. I am in the process of gathering the parts I need to make my own MB and living in California its not easy to do!
    I have not rode a bicycle since around year 2000 and its not easy peddling up hills being 13 years older!
    I picked up this 99 model Marin muirwoods bike (pictured next to my gas guzzler little pickup) off craigslist a couple weeks ago for $75 in perfect condition.I plan on motorizing this bike, looks like i may have to modify what kit I get because of the odd shaped tubing on it.

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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Hi Dan
    It is not that hard to put together a mb in California.

    What is your budget for a bike?

    I have a friend in your area that has a very nice 50 cc Hausheng 4 stroke Grubee 4G shifter kit bike.

    Also know of someone in Sacramento selling all the parts and a bike to make a bike like that for $550?
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  4. bahramu

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    These guys can ship within California because they import and assemble their own engines in California. Great prices and looks like the kits are sweet. I'll be their customer whenever I need a new kit.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    That is Not true.

    A) they don't assemble their motors in CA.
    They are assembled in China like all other kits.

    Even if they were assembled in CA read (B)

    B) All motors sold in California HAVE to be C.A.R.B. certified.
    That is why Harbor Freight can't sell certain models in CA and why
    they have a CA C.A.R.B. 212cc and a non C.A.R.B. 212cc.

    Honda GXH 50 cc, Honda GX 35 & 25 cc, Subaru 33 cc, Mitsubishi etc
    are C.A.R.B. certified and HAVE A C.A.R.B. STICKER ON THEM.

    If your motor doesn't have the sticker it ain't supposed to be sold
    in CA and a fake sticker or selling a non C.A.R.B. motor is a HUGE
    daily fine if they want to come after you.

    Please don't spread misinformation about these kits.
  6. bahramu

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    Their site says:
    "Because we manufacture and import our own 80cc engine kits, we can bring you EPA approved 2 stroke engine kits for the lowest price available"

    Sorry, I was writing from what I remembered off the top of my head, connecting the manufacturing and importing with it being EPA approved, my mistake.
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    bahramu, thanks for the link, looks like they may ship here and free shipping. I am currently unemployed so I have a really tight budget.
    I need the kit and a hub adaptor/big sprocket as I am a big man at 6'5 300+ lbs and want to make a somewhat reliable setup that will replace my actual motor vehicle for the time being.I am hoping to spend under $250 for the rest of the parts.
    I see a kit new in box on craigslist for $150 but apprehensive about that, would rather buy from an actual vendor that has some sort of warranty.
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    Buy a 4 stroke and avoid problems. I'm 6'2" and 250 lbs. I use a 33 cc engine and can go up any hill here in Tennessee. My state has an automatic transmission requirement. So that means no manual clutch or manual gear shifting. What I did was to use a shiftkit with an autoshift derailleur. I'm currently the only person in the world with this setup. My bike shifts 5 gears automatically. Without this setup I wouldn't be able to ride these hills with a legal 50 cc or under bike.
  9. sactownie

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    I'd really rather have a 4 stroke for the quietness of them compared to 2 stroke but its not in my budget unless there is a 4 stroke kit I don't know about under $200 somewhere?
    Anyways my plan is to buy the hub adaptor and sprocket, install those 1st so I know that part will work, then order the engine. The shifting you have sounds really cool but right now I would be happy to just be able to cruise up hills with some peddling.
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  10. sactownie

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    I finally ordered my 2 stroker kit from engines online shop last night. They had the straight plug kit for $139 I added to my cart a few days previous then noticed yesterday they went up to $169 for all the kits but I was still able to get the kit for $139+tax free shipping. They confirmed the order this morning so looks like there not afraid to ship to california like all the other sellers!
    I am also ordering the sbp shifting kit heavy duty model sometime this week after i've sold more stuff on ebay.
    This looks like the best way to go with my size and I also want it to be as quiet as possible.
    My only concern is the engine kits 30 day warranty, I'm not sure if I will have all the parts and have them installed by then so I guess Ill eyeball the engine really good, maybe pull off the head to make sure its good.
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  11. bahramu

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    Check out this thread, it helped me out:

    There's a lot you should do before installing the new motor. Not mentioned in above thread is removing loose metal from the gas tank by putting a bike chain in it and shaking vigorously/rinsing until all the flaky metal inside is loosened. This prevents loose flakes of debris from the new tank from getting into the carb and causing problems. Getting an inline fuel filter is a must as well
  12. sactownie

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    good link thanks. I am not sure yet if i'm using the stock tank. I am trying to find a rack mounted tank, preferably that mounts under a rack so I can still use the top to bungee stuff down. I see BGF has a 2.5 liter tank without the rack but its a mystery as to what rack to get for that to fit. A search here turns up nothing but old dead links, Guess Ill start a new thread in the appropriate section for help.
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  13. KCvale

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    The seat post angle is perfect for a 90° back mount, just make your front mount adapt, SBP has front mounts with spacers and a Z plate that works with most any frame like that and here is an example of what is in the bike station now.

    First off I throw the cast mounts that come on the engine in the trash and use the nice steel ones in the kit, and then make sure I get the back of the engine at a direct 90 to the seat post.


    Note that little bit of white is a bike sticker not some cush material, I do metal to metal mounts only as it should be.

    Regular washer, lock washer, and nylon locking nut with a drop of blue LokTight.

    Then I find a muffle clamp the exact size of the front tube, 1.5" (44mm) for this D-back.


    Any motor mount plate will work but I like the SBP parts Z mount, you can orient it any of 4 ways and cupped in above the mount holes so it rests right above the water bottle nub worked perfect on this bike.


    The SBP HD allen bolts with washer, lock washer and a drop of blue lokTight on them and then a couple drops of blue on the muffler clamps nuts and you have a bulletproof mount because the bottom line is if you can hold your engine head with one hand and your top bar with the other and push/pull it as hard as you can and it moves at all it ain't right.

    I'd bet I could whack this thing with a sledge hammer and the engine cast would break before those mount got loose, just the way I like it ;-}

    Don't forget what you will want to with your handlebar controls, really, I just posted a long thing on that here you might want to read and welcome to the forum and MB's.
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  14. sactownie

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    I got the kit today and all looks good except can anyone tell me if its normal for the drive gear/shaft to have play in it? I can actually hear the sloppiness (clunking) when I just move it like picking it up off the table. Need to know asap, I'm not installing/running the motor until i get the sbp shift kit.
  15. hmbab2000

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    Well, mine is installed and i don't remember noticing that.
    I did notice some things on mine though that made me wonder.

    I did the pre-inspection, removing covers, adjusting the clutch plate, and turning things.
    Once i got the drive to spin, it was stuck!
    I noticed my entire drive assembly was not "true".
    It seemed to move when rotated, not CRAZY, but noticable.
    That transferred to a slight drive gear wobble.
    I don't remember if it "clunked"...
    Since there was nothing I could do about it, i ran it.

    I'm guessing these engines aren't very precise or "machined".
    I am reading about people cleaning up the cylinder ports due to crappy casting.
    I noticed mine had some ugly crapola in there too, but i ran it.

    So far so so good.
    I have been removing the clutch cover and lubricating the gears lightly.
    I noticed some wear in the gears already, I'll keep on it.
    Other than that, i keep it cleaned up and tightened after each ride.
    I ordered an expansion chamber with muffler from bikeberry yesterday for $44 delivered.
    Hopefully it's here for the weekend.

    This motor seems to be pretty "rock-ish", bullet-proof.
    I have had Zenoah motor's that were ported with the Walbro carb's, and they were great.
    However they were finicky, and needed to be tweaked constantly.
    This motor, so far, has been a keeper.
    I like the simplicity and no fuss.

    I'm curious to hear what other, more experienced MBer's will say...
    I'll keep you posted on the pipe...

    What color/combo motor did you get?
    I'll be ordering a "back-up" kit from that place this weekend.
    I figure the box was small enough to fit under the bed..
    Who knows, I might do another one.
    Too much fun.
  16. sactownie

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    I got the black 66cc. I notice this play goes away when I push the clutch in with my thumb. I'm just afraid its going to vibrate like crazy when going down the road.Im probably a good week from actually firing it up.
    Still waiting on 1 or 2 items on ebay before i got the dough for the shift kit.
    I'm hoping someone chimes in and tells me this play in that gear is normal, It looks like engines online shop wont take 1 back after its been installed and run?
  17. sactownie

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    I'm attempting to pull the cover off the clutch, seems to be stuck from the paint. I am betting the clutch needs an adjustment like it has to much freeplay.
  18. sactownie

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    Well I didn't break the seal on the clutch cover incase I need to return this thing. Another problem with it has popped up. I noticed one of the clutch cover screws was not very tight when I removed it, well i put them all back in and that one screw would not tighten so looks like it came to me with stripped threads in the casing.
    This isn't looking good at all. I know I can probably get a oversized screw for that 1 bolt but what about the other problem?
    I'm going to wait until tomorrow but looks like im going to rma this, they assembled it and passed it with a stripped bolt hole, and I cant find 1 post that says its normal to have that gear moving around, I wonder what else is wrong with it?
  19. KCvale

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    Definitely RMA it back but just for giggles and grins let's see if this hunch is correct.

    Many E-bay and even web site sellers have no service or repair department and can't return anything to China or get any more of those engines in the US legally so they insist it is pretty much 'New in the box' condition when they get it so they can just put it back in stock to sell broken again in the hopes someone will find out too late to return it and they are rid of it.

    Chances are the 'new' kit you got was a return, maybe one of many as that is more likely than it came from the factory that way. Then again

    I propose you just write something in felt pen on the inside of the clutch cover like:

    This is a returned bad engine.
    If you bought it new contact me.
    (your e-mail address)

    If my hunch is correct the more inventory the seller moves as time goes by the better the change you will get a return and this would be a fun easy to see don't you think?
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  20. sactownie

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    Unfortunately I read there return policy and I have to pay return shipping.
    I really don't want to pay an extra $20 or whatever to ship it back. Gears on the other side appear to have a little slop in them so I am thinking its not going to be noticeable when I get the motor running.
    Ill just figure out what to do with the stripped thread, thinking I can just locktite a stud that should go in deeper where there are probably good threads and just use a nut to tighten that one.