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    Hi everyone,
    The name is Tony, I live in San Marcos Texas, a hilly little college town right between Austin and San Antonio. I am researching and learning what I can before buying a motor kit for my bike right now. I hope that this site helps.

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    hi waylow; if it aint here it aint anywhere, to find what you want go to search, enter 2stroke--4stroke--carb--or whatever. read for a day or two. welcome
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    Welcome to MBc form the west edge of the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Today was a big day. I ordered both a new bike and an engine kit.

    I ordered the CA-520 a 7speed cruiser

    and the 4-stroke center mount kit from

    I hope that it all works out well for me. does anyone else have this kit? how do you like the gear box? are you still glad you went with the centermount and the wide crank option?

    What else should I get?

    in the future, if my rear wheel starts to **** out, I plan on having the wheelmaster hook me up with a rear wheel job, and I like the idea of using a disc break hub to mount the drive sprocket.
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    hi low; great looking combo, let us know. mitch
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    Well, I missed something on their website, looks like the engine kits are still out of stock :-/ so, still looking for the power system for my ride. perhaps i'll go back to the rack mount idea and a pocket bike engine and a jack shaft. I also might need to call about the titan before I do anything, and see how long the wait time is on his kit.
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    hey way; stop it, your breaking my ---ls here. there is a gebe rack available here.
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    The bike is in the mail, and I can hardly wait to start this project. I will be ordering my engine and stuff on thursday. I think I have decided on the mitsu TLE43 staton NuVinci kit. hopefully that will be the most reliable thing to do, and far less problematic than going with a GP460 engine and stuff that is just over the top.
    Can anyone recomend a speedo, and some super bright lights?
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    I manage to break the wires on the speedo's i've bought. so I got this one rt 88.htm
    I've had some nice wired ones, but I'm just not careful with them.
    I've bought a couple of the cheap ones from Super Target and I never got them working to begin with.