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    Hello all.

    I have been wanting to get a motor bike for a while now sense my I lost my VW and cannot afford a new car for a while yet. Here in Tucson, you see a lot of people riding them and I have always thought it was a good idea. Well my girlfriend got a new job and her training runs late, past the time the buses stop, so we finally had a really good reason go get a motor. I just got everything up and running well on my bike and am really happy with it. This form has already been very helpful in getting everything put together an running correctly. I have attached an image of my bike so you all can see what I have.

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    Very clean build, Moore. Now you need one for your wife?<g> Anyway, as long as you are everything you can, and use our search function. We are very glad to have you, and hope you stick around and learn with us about the craft. Tell your wife, that we are infinitely more interesting and more educational than the daily soaps. (just in case she is interested) <giggle> Okay?