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    If anyone needs a motor/engine, I do in these Tennessee hills.

    I'm not new to biking. Have ridden a recumbent in several century
    and metric century's. Now at age 71, I want a little assist up some
    hills and at the same time, would like to keep pedalling.

    Will start by installing an engine on a long wheel base Easy 1
    that has 20" wheels. Could also use another bike that has
    a 26" rear wheel. It is a Tour Easy.

    I'm leaning toward one of the kits from China. Weight is a factor,
    so thinking 2 cycle. I have no problem with mixing oil and gas.

    Help is needed.

    Greene County TN

  2. professor

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    Hi Lloyd, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    My bike weighs 105# and I weigh 140. 4 stroke, home built.
    No problem at all, I love it.
    Hills cease to exist with engine power.
  3. rcoldtmr

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    Thank you. Just ordered a 2 cycle for starters.
    It should be simple to install. I built the bike it
    goes on.

  4. Motorized bents

    Hi Lloyd I ride bents too. Been on several centuries too. Here is my 2cents on motorizing a bent. Your tour easy would be a candidate . The Happy times frame mount might not fit your easy frame. I would recommend a rear rack mount . I had a rear rack mount GEBE mounted on my long wheelbase RANS V2. It worked good but the negative was the fact that the engine was right behind my head and the engine heat, engine noise and smell really got to me. The GEBE kit is for 26" wheels that should have 12g spokes so if your easy has a 700 rear wheel ????. The Staton would work too but its a lot heavier and would require the more heavy duty rear wheel. Some of the friction drives[BMP,Staton,Dimension edge] also come to mind
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    No, my Tour Easy Clone has a 26" wheel which is a strong Mavic. I gave-up
    on 700's after 300 miles on the Katy Trail. Every spoke came loose. It will
    also accept a 24" wheel.
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    Here's my 2 cents.

    The wife of the Distributor of this Bike drove a racing version to a 12 hour endurance record 2 years running. The last I heard was that she did 216 miles.

    Just Google Cruzbike for more info.

    Of course my bike here is 40 lbs heavier and finishes out just over $1000 bucks including the Golden Eagle engine. Swwweeeeetttt! Its so comfortable I have to remind myself this is exercise. he he he

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