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    Hello everybody, I got my first motored bike from Craigslist last fall. Bad motor install. From not aligned motor mounts to reversed cog which he made work by bending stays away from his motor chain,,,,, Arghhhh!!! After getting his build to work(scary)... I couldn't wait to build my own which just got done except some custom work I just have to do. Like enclose my motor chain in neoprene tubing,,,... My Mighty Motored Mountain Trek is almost broken in! Hope breaking it in in 20 degree (and less) weather is OK.. Just can not help but make excuses to get out and go for one more ride... I got a Chinese 68cc 2stroke with an older lugged 4130 american cro mo frame. DDS3 sus forks big ernie front tire with studs screwed through the side nubs. Factory narrow studded tire on the rear. Today here in lovely Sun Prairie,Wi. (just north of Madison) we are going to have a balmy day with a high of 33degree's!!!!!!! So what the heck am I doing here??? Be back when it gets cold tonight!!!! g2g mowrrrman

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    WI represent!

    Yo, all. Represent from WI. La Crosse here!
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    Welcome to the forum guys. I'm in Milwaukee. If you have questions about Wisconsin statutes about our bikes let me know, I have good information that I confirmed by calling the appropriate people in Madison. Building these things is a love/hate relationship I think. We love em when we can ride but hate em when they get goofy. Woody
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    Welcome from San Diego! I spent 1/2 my childhood in Montfort, 45 min. wsw of Madison.
    The cold and ice I do not miss!
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    Good to see you here. Another ex cheesehead. 25 years in Watertown.....Good neck o the:grin5: woods.