New install, no start up yet, clutch doesn't seem to be working

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    OK, I have installed my china 68.5cc engine, been taking my time with the install, put the chain on last night and when I pull the clutch lever the gear does not disengage, there is still drag on the engine if I try to turn the rear wheel, the plug is still out and I when I turn the pedals or rear tire I can hear it turning the engine.

    I have adjusted the clutch cable and have pushed the lever in by hand as far as possible with no different results. If I look in behind the cover as I pull the clutch lever I can see the shaft twist from the flat spot to the rounded side and it pushes the little shaft in that does through the drive gear, but the gear does not disengage.

    Is there a part I'm missing? Is there a step I'm missing? Is there an adjustment I'm missing?


    Here's the bike, chain tensioner is not in it's permanent location, I have to remove a couple links, and the chain was hitting the tire till I moved the wheel off a little.


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    First point - it's better to attach pics than to use inline {img} tags, for the benefit of those accessing the site via mobile.
    With attachments, only a thumbnail shows, unless clicked on.
    (Not griping, just a pointer.)

    Next, what is that stuff wrapped around the muffler?

    Third - I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that rear engine mount is a disaster waiting to happen. It must be mounted squarely to the tube. (Then fabricate a suitable front mount.)
    The way it's set up, the mounting studs will break. (A very common problem.)
    Also, the way it is the carb is on a pretty steep angle.

    Finally, the real problem. Often, from the factory, the clutch plates stick on these engines. The clutch might need adjustment, but I suspect that this is your problem.
    One thing that works is to remove the RHS side-cover, jam some folded rag into the primary gears to lock them, then, with the clutch in and some weight on the bike, try to jolt the bike forwards to free up the plates.
    Let us know if that doesn't work and I'll give you some pointers on clutch disassembly and adjustment.
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    I can't expand on what Steve has suggested other then a few pictures. There are many ways to fabricate a front mount. I feel that improper engine alignment is the root cause for broken studs, broken mounts, stripped stud holes.
    Sounds like to me that this is your first build, read through these... Sum Up prep checklist? Happy Time Mounts and Sprockets Hard Clutch non working Kill Switch Rear mount studs broke. fix??? Huffy Cranebrook Best way to secure a gas tank Leaking Head/Gasket Cranbrook Coaster Brake INSTALL much to break in? installing a cylinder together Solution to torqueing China HT engine mounts. No power with Skyhawk 49cc (same for 66cc) First build Were can I get a clutch pin? Clutch roller (a must have item) Break in period? Good site for engine parts schematic

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    Exhaust wrap.

    Easy, so the rear factory mount is fine as long as it is mounted squarely, then deal with the front. Got it.

    Good to know it's common. Thanks.
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    Wow, Ron, that'll keep yoothgeye busy. (yoothgeye, Ron is the resident engine-mount expert. You'll find many of those links very useful.)

    Let us know if the clutch refuses to free up.

    Forgot to ask, why the exhaust wrap?
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    Mostly for looks, going for the hot rod look, but thought it couldn't hurt either.
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    Why the long list?? I'm sure that like me you get tired of the same questions being asked time after time. Shows that some would rather ask then do a little search first. So I went through 100's of threads picking out a few that will help NOOBS like I was once. I'd do a search and find page after page of threads on the same subject. Picked some of what I thought would help the best and compiled a NOOB list. Wish I had come across something like this when I first started and was a NOOB NOOB NOOB like all of us were.
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    Nobody questioned your long list, in fact, it was informative and I'm pretty sure you were praised for it. So that makes me wonder, is this "NOOB" dig at me or all "NOOBS" in general, because that is something I haven't noticed until now about this site. I have been a member of many online forums for years, one in fact for almost 10 years now, I have been a moderator and a staffer, and on that site we have avoided any "NOOB" talk because we were all there once. People asking the same questions can get old, but we found it easier and more welcoming to just answer them or politely pointing them in the right direction without drawing attention to it. I've found it takes just as much energy to give someone a quick answer as to tell them they are a "NOOB" who needs to learn to search. Not trying to start an argument, I was just offering some family friendly advice. Sorry for the sideline.


    I have remounted the engine using the factory rear mount squarely on the seat tube, gotta look through my pile of junk for the correct scraps and fire up the welder for my front mount, once accomplished I will focus back on the clutch.
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    I wish that I had seen all of the info that Al gave when I did my first build. Read it manytimes. Use whatever hints you can.
    Very good work there, it deserves recognition!!
    I have taken the liberty to copy your post, slightly edit it and start a stickie thread. If it is easier for you in the future, just use this link.
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    I agree, the list was great and useful and set up well.
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    Yooth, the "NOOB" term is not considered derogatory. It is simply referring to someone who has not learned how to use MBc. I know you have used many fourms. You showed that by posting in the correct place for your problem. (Many clutch issues are in the wrong place). Here we try to keep all posts concerning a problem in as few threads as possible. There have been many recent clutch problems like yours though. A quick answer and moving on might be easier, but directing them to the proper thread where the solution can easily be found or posted and kept makes it easier for future Noobs to find solutions to their problems. For example, did you read all the clutch related threads before posting? Search again and you will see why it would be important to keep the problems to as few threads as possible.
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    Look below and tell me what you missed in my post...ummm sounds like thin skin.

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    Now that that is taken care of.
    Back to the topic: What have you found? Any more info?
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    I made a front engine mount insert out of a piece of a spring helper block made of urethane that I had laying around. The mount is solid. Then I installed the plug so the engine would not turn so freely. Put the tire to the ground (kitchen floor) and bumped it forward and the second time the clutch pads freed up. Thanks all.

    So, last night I mixed some break in fuel (16:1) and decided to try going for a ride. Peddling down the sidewalk (at 10pm) a few clutch dumps and it started up. The heavy oil fuel isn't too fun, but it runs good. I rode around for a while, then packed it in before I got in trouble (no lights, no helmet) or got hurt.

    Rode it to church this morning (no helmet) and pulled into the parking lot and there was a police car in the lot, I quickly went inside, so at lunch I went home and got my helmet (Fulmer ATV helmet, DOT stamp $4 yard sale). I took it out all around the streets and it's doing really good. I brought my GPS along, riding the bike and holding the GPS in my left hand the top speed on the break in fuel with no tuning is 31mph. Fast enough! haha

    The engine has been pulled toward the chain a little, so I have to put it back and find some way to brace it from pulling that way. So now the chain is loose and rubbing my tire a little, but it's not trying to jump. Anyway... I'm happy, I'm just no good at break-in periods.

    People have been staring, yelling, pulling over, basically breaking their necks to see what I'm on.

    Here's the bike complete:

    And here's a little closer view of the temporary tank setup:
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