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    Names Gary, I dont have a bike yet but I have seen a guy around town with a motorized bike and think its kind of neat. I love motorcycles, any brand, any style, but I lean twords vintage and custom. I will not post often as I think others are more knowing than I, and my opion means nothing to anyone but me.
    Ride on

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    Welcome Gary.
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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Gaz..Welcome from Eno in Oz..We all start out like you and your opinion does count as we all think and build different..If youre into vintage and custom you will find a lot of bikes and ideas if you go to SEARCH..Guys of your age (40) and mine (58) always have things to offer and here youll find others who like to jump in and help as you build..Enjoy..See ya Eno (Down Under)
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    Hey Schultz.."I know Nuthingggg"...Couldnt help it..Welcome again