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    Hi guys i just want to say about my invention about electric powered motored bicycle that doesn't need to be recharge well im saying it is powered by it self simple as that.... what do you think.... you think it is impossible.... i have figured it out how the dynamo works and made some changes of it and found out that it is possible to fuel its self..... interesting :evilgrin: well i need some help and more research for these and if i succeed i well be the first to make electric power plant that is nature friendly :idea: and a bicycle that runs no recharged and cars and etc... :evilgrin: can you help me and add some suggestion for these please... i need some blue prints and some information more on dynamo and motors.... please please.... my email add...
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    please excuse some people's lack of manners here.

    Welcome to MBc :D
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    remember the Wright brothers !!

    yes welcome -- remember the Wright brothers !! what they said about them ??

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    Last summer at a estate sale found a perpetual motion machine.
    It was in the works. The fellow who made it his life work had passed. His family was selling everything.
    Now why his son ask me if I wanted to see it I will never Know. He took me into a room in the basement lo and behold the was what looked liked something out of sci fi novel. he gave it a spin. It just kept spinning ,we talked for a long time ,it was still going. It was still spinning when we left. He said don't worry it will stop, nothing can run for ever.
    He ask if I wanted it but it was to large for my place. Now it is in some science museum dismantled and stuck away for the time being.
    The son said it was a waste of time because of theroies and such.
    I ponder over this. Thinking if just one more part added it would be compleat. Science is growing by leaps and bounds. All things are possible or will be at some time in future. Now to long ago people thought the world was flat. Yesterday the space shuttle was launched to fix a camera. Another one is ready and on stand by. I saw the lunch of the first manned flight. So many said it couldn,t be done.
    If someone can dream it can be done.
    Solods you have a idea run with it. I think it can be done,or at least you will able to get close.
    Go for it man !
    What kind of bike you going to mount your setup on ?
    Welcome to the site.
  5. Pablo

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    Sounds interesting. I assume it only requires some pedal power or hills to add some power back into the system.:idea:
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    Srdavo, you have ESP! (you should market it)

    When I was reading this post, a smart-alek remark about a "perpetual motion machine" and my eagerness to "invest" my life's savings in it was forming in my mind.
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    moderators on site = pretty darn sharp

    yes indeed -- these moderators on site = pretty darn sharp !!!

    with Dave being one of the highest in good standing with all motor bike riders..

    much thanks given to on site mods..

    as we all get out for a ride on that motor bike THING
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    Welcome slolds.

    One of my posts from a old thread. My opinion, all things are possible.


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    the new electric jeep will recharge itself with the wheels spiinng they have a magnet and generates power. i mnot to sure how it all works. but it will be on the market in the future. i forgot what its called. i saw about it on the discovery channel
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    G'day & welcome.
    Seeing is believing.
  11. cspaur13

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    so what i was trying to say is its very possible and i hope you are succesfull with your plans. welcome to the forum
  12. BoltsMissing

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    I and some others, think, if someone wants to try to crack the laws of physics with the use of magnets in order to perpetuate a rotation and run a dynamo, this is the place of hope where we will leave you in peace, and your blueprints are safe, with us !
    We don't care for the money, just take away or reduce our electricty bill and the rest will progresively take care of itself.
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    I saw a machine that....

    Used Nitenol ( AKA memory wire) you can bend the wire but when you put it in cold water in springs back to it's original shape rather quickly like with a force that could be harnessed to generate power or move a machine gears or somthing... Never again saw anything on that one.... sounded cool in the 80's
  14. slolds

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    thanks for the idea... my father used to work on that theory but doesn't made calculation on the + and - on the magnets so he failed and forget the hole thing and my uncle used to make a garbage capsule that will break down the garbage in dust or small particles through electricity...... out of budget T_T.... he failed.... my father is working on a chemical that will put out the fire through ***** it will multiply by heat and stops the fire..... but he stop.... out of budget again.... im gonna continue the theory on that.... back to my theory just like the pendulum clock i used the idea on that, but i never said it is perpetual motion. I think i said it is fueled by it self it means it needs electricity to work but he makes his own electricity to be the fuel. I'm using dynamo right now small thing first because i cant afford motor. BIG ONE. Right now im on generating the same amount of electricity through the dynamo 12v = 12v, when i try to light a bulb that is 12v also it doesn't work ????? then i try the 1v bulb you know what it workssss:evilgrin: it gives me an idea..... i need some calculation on this. but i think i well be 40+ age before i can make this work T_T.... out of budget. im just earning 270 pesos =6$ a day $. as a foodserver in a hospital T_T. sorry for my English, i'm from philippines hope you wont discriminate me. i need some blue print on motor or big types of dynamo please please please send it to thanks for everything... can i ask were can i find the site for the inventions.....
  15. slolds

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    I think i know the idea on how that thing work because i have thinking on that when i was 14 years old. It is just simple, imagine when you starts a car (i don't have one) you'll need electricity from the battery and when you run it the cars generate electricity to charge the battery because you are using the fuel (gas,etc.). now comes the idea... instead of the fuels... use electricity. (like the toy car that is powered by batteries.) Moving and generating electricity through the motion on the wheels maybe or you can use something else. hmmm how can i explain this..... when you starts a car your using the battery the engine(electric type) will make the car run and when the car running you can now generate electricity(motion on the wheels) through the wheels (in my theory) will generate electricity to the another battery that will make the engine work(its like 2 or more batteries needed on this)... My idea on this is on the wheels.... the motion....
  16. BoltsMissing

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    Actually a freind mechanic mentioned it the other day, bit of a inventor himself.
    Ok, perpetual is out then, so what ya saying is "energy miser" type of thing ?

    Full tank of petrol, fully charged batteries and Go---> ( Electric)..>,
    As soon as the batteries get to a certain low level, just enough to crank over the engine, run on petrol and while it's running on petrol it is recharging batteries via built in dynamos in the wheel hubs. Once batteries are full again, it goes to electric powered till they low again and back to petrol...
    Is that it ?

    I think Augi beat ya to it, somewhere he posted a bike with petrol AND electric. Don't know if he has the thing figured out and wired to charge up the batteries while running on petrol yet, but doabale.
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    wait just a minute now !!!

    wait just a minute now !!!

    there is NO ONE on this site or anywhere else in the world
    who is any better than you
    any one of us
    could have been born anywhere
    and could have been born any color
    any one who does not believe that is a fool

    what is a fool ??
    a fool is one who fools himself...

    people that do discriminate towards others -- need much prayer !!!

    non of us are perfect
    that does not mean than we should stop trying to be just a little better today

    ride the motor bike THING
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    I second the things that Mountainman said.

    (though I often think I'm better than everyone else....still, I know I'm wrong about that)

    Our doors are open to anyone who wants to be our friend.

    And, for that matter, there's a member here who is held in high regard by everyone who is, I think, American-Filipino.

    I'm afraid I'm still not convinced that you've found a source of free energy. But what do I know? I'm skeptical about anything that I can't verify for myself.
  19. SimpleSimon

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    Actually, LF was born in the Phillipines, immigrated here with his family as a small boy.

    That aside, I'd suggest setting up a hub motor for regenerative braking, and mounting an inclinometer in the control circuitry. Set it up so that when you are going downhill, instead of drawing power from the batteries it automatically goes to charge mode. You would need to tweak it a bit to balance the induced magnetic braking of the generator function along with the frictional drag of the tires/road plus air resistance, but you ought to be able to set it up to maintain a pretty even speed and recover about 70% of the energy otherwise lost to braking.

    On my trike I plan to install a sprocket driven 12 volt 15 W generator on the powered side of my drive train, with a swing arm engagement system, to keep a motorcycle battery charged for lights, etc. May use an electcric fan clutch off a small car instead to engage it, if that will fit.
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    as for the graucho wheel.i think the push pull of the magnets would for the bike that doesnt need recharged.that must be one long down hill run.