New iRide came to life!!

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    Well, I finished modifying a Dyno Slick Daddy frame for a buddy of mine and was able to finally able to get started on the new motorized iRide Custom yesterday!! I got most of the frame done but not all assembled. This project might take a while because I am planning on making my own forks for this one as well as the tank. If the tank takes as long as Brutus' did, that will add at least 2 full days of building to it and the fork alone may take a full 4 days (I hope not!!)

    I had to stop building due to the fact I haven't got the engine yet. I need it to install it on the frame so I can ensure there will be no interference with the crank sprocket.

    So far the thing is building itself as far as the little detail on the main frame. I just can't wait to get this one on the road!


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    Cant wait to see it

    I know you can't wait to ride it, I can't wait to see it. I have seen your work several places. It is absolutely stunning. I would love see some pics of your shop. If you are like me you enjoy your shop as much as you do the projects you build in it.
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    Funny you should mention my shop. I had some biking buddies over a weekend or 2 ago and one of them took some video of the my shop...well I guess it was more just the tool box.
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    here is a bit of the story of S-2.1, it took place at dan's shop:
    (sorry to the dial-up' was posted when we were on the old
    software and it has a lot of images that may take a while)
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    LOL.......I must have been out front when they shot that vidio.....Here are some of the pictures from sabrina 2.1 build.

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    Very cool shop

    I love it!! Metal, sparks, fumes and freinds. What more does any shop need.
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    there was beer...mostly after the final test-ride...dan treated me to a mini-twisted spokes run & we celebrated the day with a coupla toasts "to new friends" :cool:
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    That was a fabulous experience! There is nothing better than picking up someone you've never met after he rode 165 miles to meet you, hangin' out in the shop building a bike for him under an American Choppers like deadline, drinking beer to celebrate the finished product, taking him home and meeting all his buddies and making some freinds for life. Priceless!

    On a side note...

    I got my Dax 70cc kit today for the new bike...WOOOO HOOOO!!! First impression was mixed. Some good things in the kit and some not so good things.

    My first Grubee 48cc round head kit came from Motorbikemike ( and I was pleased with it.

    Mike's kit came without a fuel line or a fuel filter...Dax's kit came with them.

    Mike's kit came with the beefy motor mounts...Dax's kit has the wimpy stamped steel ones.

    Mike's kit came with extra, long mounting studs and mounting blocks...Dax's kit had 1 extra mounting block and no extra, long studs.

    Mike's kit comes with the nice plastic throttle with the built in kill switch...Dax's come with an aluminum throttle (which has a throttle body sized for a 7 year old's hand) and the seperate cheesy kill switch.

    Dax's kit comes with a better engineered air cleaner...Mike's has an older style that just happened to break on me 2 days ago (going to have to do the Augie beer can treatment)

    Dax's kit comes with the heavy duty chain...Mike's does not (could be because Mike's was a 48cc)

    Dax's kit came with a matching grip for the non-throttle side...Mike's had no matching grip.

    Other than those thing, the kits had pretty much identical items, i.e., chainguide, chainguard, tank, petcock, tool kit, instruction manual, etc.

    I am very excited to try out the new roller bearing kit from Dax and I hope it treats me to miles of "bug it teeth" grins! More to come as the project takes form.


    Hey Augie, if you'd like to put the review part of my post somewhere else more relevant, feel free.

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