New Jet Stealth Bikes For Sale!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by zaviii, Mar 9, 2009.

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    We sell assembled motorized bikes with the option of the new 49cc slant head or the 80cc jet stealth engines. We have both single speed and 6-speed cruisers and ship nationwide. Our prices are competitively priced with shipping included in the checkout price, to prevent sticker shock.

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    Thanks for looking mountainman. Under where the "no license" is stated there is a link that explains why, then it goes on to say:

    "Laws may be different in some states. It is the responsibility of purchasers from other states to investigate the details of their local laws. Probably the best way to check would be to compare (VC)406(b) to an equivalent code in your town. If you have further questions please contact us... "

    I hope this clears things up....

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  3. Mountainman

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    that's cool -- good luck guys

    I didn't go in that deep -- thank you for clearing that up

    that's cool -- good luck guys -- wishing you many, many sells to happy customers

    ride the motor bikes
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    How many cc's are your 80cc engines?

    Do you know?

    inquiring minds.....:whistling:
  5. azbill

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    he says they're 69.3...the 80 is a marketing number
    that's a good thing :)
  6. zaviii

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    They are about 68.3cc, close to what the previous poster said. The slant head design gives it more power than the previous generation 80cc/68.3cc engine that everyone is familiar with....:cool:

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  7. Whats the h.p. rating on these engins 3.5 h.p. or a little like 4.0 h.p. ?:detective: The 69.3cc unit that is.?
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    Well designed website.
    I'de like to see a seperate heading for Spare Parts cos i'm keen on knowing all that's available.
    Hope u make a business success.