New John Deere trimmers by Mitsubishi


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Jul 19, 2008
Yorkville, Il
Yes, I work at a Deere dealership, on small engines. My project engine is an older Deere trimmer (made by Echo, right after Deere bought them, and before Deere killed them), but the newest ones are Mistu. Like a T105SLE,
T120S, etc. I had one apart yesterday to burn the sludge out of the muffler, low and behold, the muffler has Mitsubishi heavy industries stamped on it.

Good motors, BUT, IMO, the carbs suck, at least on the Deere. Haven't seen the carbs you're running, but these are like a rotary version of a motorcycle carb with no provision for mixture adjustment.

A side note, for commercial mower guys, Lesco was purchased by Deere, and sooner or later Deere won't be selling parts for Lesco's anymore. As a recent update, Deere and Stihl did some deal, but Deere doesn't own Stihl, or vise versa, but Deere dealers will someday soon sell Stihl equipment.
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