New K.K.Slick Daddy w/Honda GX 50 !!!!

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    Hey guys, have'nt been here lately, I've been everywhere else though! It's been hectic for a while! Anyway, I just completed my Slick Daddy and installed a Honda GX 50 on it! My fabricator was away for a bit, but when he got back, he did an excellent job on the motor mount!!! This baby go's over 40 MPH and definintly gets at least 200 or better MPG!!! Freaks me out!!!! The rear tire comes stock with a 24x3 and just fits in the friction drive kit. I installed a 26x3 front tire & tube & it really started turning awesome.With those fat tires & that fast engine,I felt like I was floating down the road on air!!!! The bike comes with rear coaster brakes & front disk, so braking is not a problem. Here's some pic's. The bags on the bike are protection![front bag is spare tubes,the rear bag is tools,'co2,& patches] I almost forgot to mention the throw on 18 pack drink holder. [not seen]

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    mighty sweet looking ride.
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    Hey thanks Super Dave! It took a while, but man, It was worth the wait! That bike had been sitting around for a while. When I finished the build, I washed the bike, & dried it, and at that time, I knew It was a Beautiful Cruiser that was worth the wait!!!!