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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by oldpot, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Any one know where i can get a 1 wire kill switch ,like in the pic , this set up as been on the bike since i brought the bike from Craigslist and worked fine until the rest of plastic broke off it ,the black wire goes to the white wire looks like the metal that goes around the handlebar is grounded when i press the button at the top,


    i have been looking at this for $5 looks like it has a 1 wire on it would this work ????? nice price , but i looked at the shipping for it , and they wanting $9 to ship that's very high for something that weights very little and not sure about the vender ??,now if it would work might be worth getting but i looking for something with less shipping cost , anyone know where i could get one with cheaper shipping if this would work ,if not i would have to go to a 2 wire kill switch but i like the set up i have now.

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    I got one like that at a powersports shop. Your local motorcycle shop should have one.
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    Sick bike parts has a rocker killswitch, it's handlebar mounted and all you would need to do is run your ground wire to it and then to your frame, when the switch is thrown it would interrupt the ground, killing the engine. Just remember that when this switch is used this way, it's opposite of what it says. Off is now on and on is now off. I use the switch to control a custom battery gauge, and I have it wired to interrupt the ground wire. It works perfectly.
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  5. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member this switch can be two wire or one. I am using it as one. If used as two wire, in the closed position it shorts the circuit. If one wire, when in the closed position it completes the circuit. Flipping it to the open position would break the circuit. As stated earlier, I am using it with one wire and it works perfectly fine. It will work for you and be a lot safer than grounding a wire to your handlebars.
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    The switch you linked to works exactly the same as the switch I linked to, only difference is the one you linked to grounds through the mounting tab. Pushing the button connects positive and negative, shorting the circuit.
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    ty butterbean looks like i get one or the other switches but cannot check it for a month or so too cold here to ride about i let you know if it works when i sort it out ty.
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    Actually there is another difference between the two switches. The switch you linked to grounds directly to the handlebars, so it can only be used as one wire. The switch I linked to does not ground through the mount, so can be used as one wire or two wire.