New Lifan 2.5 HP 97 cc engine $105.00

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  1. andyszyd

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    Just found it on ebay:

    It might be an alternative or even a "killer" of 79cc HF engine.

    Seller does not provide much technical details. No external dimensions, weigh 25lb shipped, so it might be lighter than HF 79 when taken out of the box.

    Also seems more compact than HF 79 but can not really tell, pictures can be deceiving.

    There is no torque rating, but with larger displacement of 97cc this one surely will deliver some serious punch at very reasonable price ($105.00).

    Lifan has also very good reputation as far as quality goes.

    Hopefully somebody will dig out more details on this one.

  2. arceeguy

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    This is the same engine that came stock with the Baja Doodlebug mini-bike I purchased a couple of years ago. It is a clone of a Honda G100 utility engine. It is not an OHV engine like the Harbor Freight 2.5, but an L-head engine like a classic Briggs or Tecumseh. We ran the 2.5 Lifan for a while before stuffing a Lifan 6.5 (Harbor Freight label) to really wake things up!
  3. professor

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    A really big nicety of the HF engine is you simply bring it back to the store if you get a warranty problem. No shipping, no wondering.
  4. give me vtec

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    I just built an old school mini bike today using one of those 6.5 harbor freight motors. I havnt ridden it yet abut I fired it up today... it sounds like a beast.
  5. loquin

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    It does look like the engine on the harbor freight mini-bike...
  6. stealthc9

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    Lifan is the producer for "grey hound" motors
  7. arceeguy

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    Not the 2.5
  8. It doesn't have the torque rating that the HF comes w/. I'm using this motor on a Worksman JackShift project!

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