New lighting setup taken 2months to perfect

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by louishb50cc, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. louishb50cc

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    Hi i will be posting my lighting setup with a video and pics here within about 2 weeks when my mini charger that goes with the mini gen 6v, bought from 'wonderful creations store' on ebay.
    Its a nice setup which i will soon hope to have working properly on my revamped bike which i have just tidied up and sorted out.
    Few points:
    • 6v generator powering..
    • Mini charger bought off same company charging...
    • A 6v SLA 40AH battery to power...
    • A 6v headlight which is off an old spotlight torch and...
    • A 12v rear car fog lamp with a 5w bulb fitted (v bright).
    Give me a couple of weeks and i will soon have a nice "brochure" of a sort to look at.
    P.s: will also post some links as to where i bought stuff or if i already had 'can' buy.
    Louis :cool:

  2. hurricane

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    darn it. I hate suspense, you should have waited till you had it ready for us . Now I have to sit and stare at my computer screen in total wonderment for when this masterpiece will be developed.. LOL
  3. louishb50cc

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    Dont worry just waiting for a part. As its from america(the charger that is) it should be here next week or if im lucky this week.:sweatdrop:
  4. happyjourney

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    can i get a wiring diagram if it works?
  5. olow

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    post it all here as that way i can see
  6. SdCruizer

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    I saw that gen too on that ebay page
    If you could take a closeup pic of how it mounts

    also curious does it do anything negative to engine performance?
    is it direct power or does it go through a regulator
  7. HeadSmess

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    2 yrs old, no follow up...whats the bet he found out about LEDs or got his license back?
  8. happyjourney

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  9. Big Red

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    I've seen them for about a year on sleaze bay. I think if it was any good we would have heard about it by now and EVERYONE would be using it. I'm still waiting for someone else to try it and give some sort of report on it. I'm too cheap to give that much money away for something that might not work.
    Big Red.