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  1. spikedfox

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    I want my engine to last, what are tips and suggested motors from you the ones who know.

    Im 24 love to build things, ive built cars and even a 50cc motor scooter (which i had to sell ) and now i think de love to build one or 4(i have a few bikes) motored bikes. but i have to keep my costs down , i wnat a full kit but hoiw good are these ones.

  2. spikedfox

    spikedfox New Member

    Im so sorry here is more info

    Im from charlotte north carolina, if your local hit me up maybee we can chat and see what your already doing in the area.

    Im going to motorize a beachcomber (its a nice 26"cruiser ) needs a lil tlc but never let me down yet.

    Im thinking gear and chain drive as friction drive to me suggests increased tire wear

    How are the 80cc(71ccactual i believe) kits bluecollar quoted me a nice 195 for his limited kit, and i would like to see if its the best deal, from reading the reviews his customer service is top notch, but how is the product in general, he lovingly called then chiniese toys on the phone.
  3. Hello, i got a kit from powerkingshops off ebay for 175 to my door .Kit looks nice but havent installed yet .Its supposed to be the new upgraded version ,guess ill find out.Told him i belong to a large website group and the kit better be good or ill smear his name lol...If its a good kit ill buy more from him i told him and also would tell others of the kit. Hope that tactic worked lol. From what ive read you cant just go get the cheapest kits out there or youll be sorry ,but ive got the upgraded clutch handle,bearing in motor,fuel filter ect. Good luck
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    Cheap is relative. A cheap motor that you have to work on all the time and which melts down after a thousand miles or so is no bargain in my book.
  5. Mountainman

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    you say that "you want your engine to last"

    well - you might consider a Japanese engine

    these things are -- long time now -- PROVEN STRONG !!!

    other's for sure will also be -- MUCH FUN !!!

    depends on how much we wish to spend and what we are looking for ?

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  6. terrence

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    Welcome spikedfox, if its true that you need something to last, save, scrimp, sell something.
    Work a extra job for a month, suffer, do what you have to and get a quality set up.
    If its only for fun and you love to tinker and have a love for a "V" mount
    then a HT (80/70/60/50cc) will suit you fine. No matter what make sure you have fun!
  7. spikedfox

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    ahh i have 3 motors so far,
    50cc scooter motor (chinese)
    3.5hp briggs and straton
    5hp briggs and straton (not sure if it is legal to use)
    weed eater (name brand weed eater from 1990, i had made this oneinto an outboard motor)
  8. spikedfox

    spikedfox New Member

    and yes this si all stuff i had in a shed at my fathers