New MA law in effect 7/31/09

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  1. Happy Valley

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    The new MA law is in effect creating three categories of two-wheelers.
    1. 49cc and under and under 30mph (motorized bikes and mopeds), 2. 30 to 40mph (scooters) and 3. 40+mph motorcycles. Categories 2 and 3 require metal plates, inspections and insurance. This new law is targeting traditional looking motor scooters on the road, many of them the rash of new Chinese knock-offs.
    I asked a cop friend what he'd heard and he said the word he got was "if it looked like a Vespa it needed a plate".

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  2. RusticoRay

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    "if it looked like a Vespa it needed a plate" how arbitrary. Looks like the LU plate covers all three of my present rides. I can see my wallet opening up soon. Registration,Insurance,Title Fee,Sales Tax,Inspection and local town taxes all this for a motor assisted bicycle.
  3. Happy Valley

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    I think we can expect a great deal of arbitrariness, particularly with local cops.
    In the Globe story I scanned through all 200+ comments and more than a handful of respondents there called the RMV with questions and got zilch, on hold for 40 minutes while a supervisor finally came on and said........"sorry, don't know".

    I plan on riding it out as is, all my MBs are bicycles with low profile rack mounts.
  4. RusticoRay

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    Vespa profiling

    I bought this in the spring for my wife to come on a ride from time to time. A complete peice of chinese reverse enginnering. She has never parked it in Cambridge or been over 30mph really. Certainly would not like it if she got pinched over my hobby (obcession). I see a LU plate in our future. I've had it to 37 downhill. The other two have pedals and i'll use them as needed.

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  5. rule413

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    Nice! We Get An Extra Ten Mph? No More Slowing Down When I Spot A Black And White:) Now It Makes The Forty Bucks Every Two Years Worth It!
  6. OCLandspeeder

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    That just sucks for the under 100cc scooters! Those that can go faster than 30 but less than 40. WTF?

    Here in SoCal, scooters like that are a death trap!

    Since they can't go on the bicycle lane, they are the mercy of cars and big SUV's and trucks. Unfortunately, they may beat the cars off the line but once you get to 30 mph it's all over and those big behemoths will be breathing down your neck and bearing down on you. I've seen it happen. In fact, I have a co-worker who rides his Yamaha 50cc scooter to work everyday. Topspeed is 35mph. Everytime I see him there are at least 3 big-*** cars or SUV's tailgaiting him and he looks like an ant!

    Better to have a MB and be riding on the bicycle lane.

    Scooters under 100cc really only excel in crowded, tight, cities like San Francisco, NY, Rome, London, Tokyo, etc. Bigger cities and suburbs, forget it!
  7. Parah_Salin

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    Uhg...this legislation is REALY stupid. most of these things only do 5MPH more than it really that big a deal to just rais it?

    Also, has anoone realised that if your chubby, you will have lower top speed than somone who is skinny?
  8. RusticoRay

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    I went to the Lowell Ma. registry to pick up a moped application asked to speak to the supervisor about LU Plate(low use). She had no information at all on plates or what is or isn't a low use vehicle she said " Is that a vanity plate for Lowell University ". I think she was in charge of all counter personnel. Anyone get further on information about plates?
  9. cheeseman

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    I think its great that they are making a catagory for mopeds that go 30-40. I like that they are giving us a metal plate as well (much better than the little sticker) but I don't like the inspection or the insurance. How tough will the requirments be to meet? Will dot tires be a requirment? Will we need to have a full lighting system up to dot standards with blinkers and brake lights? Also what about motorized trailers, recumbents, trikes and choppers? Will we have trouble registering thoes? I also hope it dosent cost more than the bike is worth to insure? I can't wait until we get more information so some of these questions can be answered.
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  10. rule413

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    Last Year I Registered My Motorized Bicycle As A Moped. I Filled Out The Registration Form, Wrote Down The Make, Model And Color Of My Bicycle. The Form Asked What Size Motor I Had... So Since I Have No Markings On My Motor:) I Stated On The Form "49cc" Instead Of 69cc. They Simply Collected My Forty Bucks And Told Me To Have A Nice Day. There Should Be No Reason To Register As A Scooter If Your Riding A "Bicycle" And Of Coarse Obey All Traffic Laws. You Scooter Guys Need To Build Your Own MB's. Oh Yeah... I Slapped The Sticker On My Bike And Have Not Had Any Issues With My Local Law Enforcement Including The Stone Busting State Troopers!
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  11. Parah_Salin

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    Yeah, all that considered I think that give our vehicles are just bicycles with engines on them, they fit what most people think of as a moped. The crackdown seams to be aimed more at vespas.
  12. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    All good questions. To want to take a MB up to the 40mph category, expect everything needed on a motorcycle. For me, they can keep their metal plate and I'll keep my bicycle.

    I agree. I think most MBers could simply continue as they are, keep the bike quiet, keep it under 25, ride responsibly and be on their way. I also frankly think the chance of that happening is about nil.
  13. cheeseman

    cheeseman New Member

    More Information.

    I found a page on the RMV's website which gives more information on the new laws.

    Guess my suspicions were correct, motorized bicycles would need to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards for a motorcycle if they were to register for the 30-40 mph plate. This dosent make much sense because something built to travel 30-40 mph isent going to have the same provisions as something build to travel 80 mph. I can see people complaining about this already.

    Here's a page I found on the motorcycle FMVSS for their braking systems. Very specific.

    I'm disappointed in the DMV.
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  14. RusticoRay

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  15. billpb1222

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    i live in pembroke, ma. i plan to ride it as a motorized bike. do you think i am going to get in trouble? sometimes, if ask the registry you get an answer that gets you into trouble. i don't need anymore trouble. that is why i built this thing

  16. RusticoRay

    RusticoRay Member

    I'm not saying yes or no but get a moped sticker, wear a Dot approved helmet, glasses a florencent vest and not act like a jerk on a bike. I havent got stopped or pulled over in 1 1/2 yrs. Hope I didn't jinks myself. Most of all have fun.
  17. seanhan

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    If it looks like a Vespa and a guy is riding it, He needs to move to Calif. !!!!
  18. MikeJ

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    I agree with RusticoRay. I intentionally dress to draw attention (white motorcycle helmet, neon yellow full jacket) and keep under the speed limit with muffler. I have been passed by a dozen or better county troopers, state troopers, and city officers during my rides. One day, I rode up to two city officers (engine off) and asked for directions. They were as pleasant as could be.

    760 highway miles and continuing.
  19. Happy Valley

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    I see you're in CO. Big difference.
    Years ago when I lived out there in the mountains, it was usually a relief to come across a CSP trooper 'cause they would actually assist if you broke down or ran out of gas. Too much country to cover out there often with serious weather conditions without going out of their way to hassle people.

    Mass. staties are punks compared to those guys.
  20. billpb1222

    billpb1222 New Member

    in mass. they look to cause people trouble. not all cops are bad but a lot are trained to bring in revenue through violations.