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    Hi everyone! I'm Biff Malibu. I'm kind of a big deal. :afro:

    I may be new to this forum, I'm not new to forums. I'm new to a bicycle motor, but I'm not new to motors. And lastly - I live in Southern California.

    I started out with a 66/88cc kit for my Micarga Crusier.

    I chose to paint the frame brown, the rims brown, the tank brown, and the handlebars gold.

    Off to a good start. Needs to sign up here because they kit I received didn't give me any instructions.

    I can't give away all the secrets on my build just yet - but this is getting getting started. :cool:

    If anyone feels like helping out "A Noob" - A recommendation for the best online "how-to-install" guide would be great! Looks like they shorted me an install manual with my kit off e-bay...

    Using this one for now:




    And just for giggles - This was my previous (Motor/Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter) project.


    Ciao & Pastries -

    Biff Malibu
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    That's just one site. Just type HT installation into the search box and quite a few more will come up. I believe SBP has good instructions too. When you run into more specific problems search is your friend again.

    Gold handlebars......never thought of that. I have a stretch with the brown and creme (pseudo Harley color scheme), and the bars just don't look right. I'll have to unabashedly steal that idea from you, so thanks.

    And by the way, welcome and enjoy.
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  3. Biff Malibu

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    Sprocket came out super crazy and dopes.

    Now to mount to the rear wheel....