NEW MB Sponsor- Specializing in Adult Sizing OCC Schwinn Stingrays!!

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    For the past several years we have been working on Upgrades to make the OCC Schwinn Stingray comfortable for Adults / Teens to ride... WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THIS WITH OUR NEW: "SUPERSIZE" your OCC Schwinn Stingray KIT. This KIT provides everything needed to remove the factory 20" inch x 4.25" rr. wheel and install our 24" inch x 4.25" inch RR Wheel! CLICK ON OUR BANNER AD
    . This set-up combined with a fitted layback seat post & ape-hangers combined... Accomodates a rider UP TO and beyond 6'2" TALL! comfortably on an OCC Schwinn frame!

    This is the final step of what has been many baby steps to get to this point. Our site: is being designed as a ONE STOP SHOP [based on everything I have learned] to help you ADULT SIZE YOUR OCC. Even without OUR "SUPERSIZE" Kit the upgrades we have developed will allow someone up to around 5'10" to get comfortable riding on an OCC Schwinn frame - SEE PHOTO GALLERY PAGE on our web site.

    Until recently, all of our work has been for our builds - we have a bike shop on Ft. Myers Beach and their is a retail market there for really cool motorized bicycles. Now we are offering our parts, pieces, experience & technical advice to the MB community. Contact me through our site - - Jim /​