New MB'er from AZ - Hello Everyone!

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    Hello, I'm Bad bad Leroy Brown from AZ. I have been reading and using this site for all kinds of info over the last 6 months. I have an automotive background. I worked for Chevrolet for 11 years. I was a driveability tech who became the in-house customizer. I lifted trucks, installed Superchargers, Camshaft kits, exhaust systems, custom intakes I worked for low-jack, installed remote start alarms, massive stereo systems, tv's & the list goes on and on. I eventually started to build show cars and quit Chevy for a job hawking custom parts. A few years later I opened my own my own business and finally found time to install a Grubee GT5 on an old beach cruiser that I had drove the chain off years prior. That bike turned into a nice profit and now I'm on my 13th build. The not so lucky #13.

    Thanks for reading..........

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  2. LR Jerry

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    Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. Maybe you should keep the unlucky 13. One bad bike is all it takes to get a bad reputation. LOL
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    Let's now call it Lucky #13.... This bike runs great!

    20131113_152414.jpg 20131113_152526.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum. For you, what makes a guy who has modded nice cars want to build motorized bikes, besides lower costs?
    Is it the relative simplicity of the motorized bike? Is it the low amount of time required to build and mod one? I'm just curious to get
    your opinion because we get a lot of auto restorers on this site.
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    Wheelbender, I love cars, I always will. The problem with cars is that they cost too much, take up too much space and hard to make a profit on. With that being said I'm am looking for a 1964 fat fender VW bug. Iv have the itch to build a GM TBI fuel injected, distributorless beetle for years.

    Bikes are cheap, they look cool, I can have one for every day of the week, I don't need insurance or registration, they are a ton of fun to ride & easy to sale. It's a no brainier in my book.

    My first build;
    20130826_155248.jpg 20130826_155452.jpg 20130826_155517.jpg 20130826_160200.jpg
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    I agree with you, Leroy. You put so many hours into the restoration of a car and its very tough to get your money out if it when you sell.
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    Nice looking bikes. Happy to see a fellow rider from Phoenix on here too.
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